10 Questions to answer before engaging your social media audience

Maybe you are approaching social media for the ?rst time or maybe you have inherited a failed project. Whatever the case, sometimes you need quick answers to help you see opportunities and make quick decisions.

Question 10 Questions to answer before engaging your social media audience

Get good answers for the following 10 questions before you decide how to engage. I highly recommend this exercise before getting started regardless of whether you will run your ?rst project alone or with the help of a consultant.

1. What is most recognizable about your brand? This can be a person, a place, a logo, a jingle, and so on.

2. Does your brand have a spokesperson or character who “is” what you are trying to sell? If not, are you open to creatin one?

3. What is the goal of your project? Sales/e-commerce? Improved image in your market? Better customer service and satisfaction?

4. What speci?c metrics will you use to measure success?

5. When discussing the opportunity in social media with executives at your company, do they view social media as an opportunity, a risk, or an unknown?

6. Does your company or brand have of?cial policies for blogging, employee activity on social media, and outreach to customers? Is it centralized or decentralized?

7. What types of content do you have that would be interesting to share with social media users?

8. Are you willing to share interesting content from third-party sources on the Web with your customers?

9. Creating your campaign, maintaining it, tracking metrics, and making adjustments will take time and expertise. Do you have interested people in your company who are willing and able to do this work?

10. What is your backup plan in case the social media project fails or doesn’t meet the goals of your organization? Who can you call for an objective third-party opinion if you have a problem?

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