Google Preview Messing with your Stats?

When Google Preview was rolled out in the US and UK it sparked a lot of uproar in the SEO community. Some people welcomed (the Big Brand name serving SEO’s) and some were not all that happy with the general idea. The biggest problem for smaller businesses was that although some people are going to search using long tail terms, once someone had started typing in a generic term a powerful brand showed up.

This is going to keep on annoying people from across the globe, as Preview is slowly rolled out around the world. The biggest problem is still maintaining decent results for long tail terminology.

So how can Google Preview be messing with your Stats as well? Does this mean that your increase in visitors could be a lie, and in actual fact your blog is doing just as well as it was before?

Google released information over the weekend that yes, Google Preview could be playing a part in damaging your information in tools like GA. Google have confirmed that results in Google Analytics can be skewed by Google Preview, and that the program could be displaying “false visits”.

Basically, when someone previews a site they are hovering over, Google actually enters the site to gain a real time image. There is a chance that this could be construed as legitimate data, and you wouldn’t know any different. Obviously the biggest problem is that this is the sort of information that companies and SEO’s rely on to make judgements on many of the terms that they target. Combine this with the amount of impressions being falsely presented with Google Instant as well and we have a whole bunch of stats that don’t really mean anything!

Just a piece of information that you might find important to relay either to SEO clients or to bear in mind yourself.

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