How to create your social media To-Do list and why? Complete Tutorial

Before I go through this post, I want to apologize for my really poor presence in the last couple of months but I’m so happy that it wasn’t for nothing as I was working so hard to get my new ebook ready, and the good news that it will be released on the 7th of May, next Monday icon wink How to create your social media To Do list and why? Let’s hope the best.

to do list How to create your social media To Do list and why?While there are people that will debate the importance of planning, mapping out a guide for the next week or month will make things much easier. What blog posts will you be writing? What content will be most effective to drive new fans and followers to your social media accounts? What steps will you take to promote your Social media accounts? By putting aside a little bit of time to plan what the best next steps are, you will come up with some new promotion ideas as well as determine what are your expectations.

After reading this post you may think that configuring your social media takes countless hours. As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes or an hour per day. Most of the tasks in this post shouldn’t take a substantial amount of time. The most time consuming component of building your social media accounts is providing relevant content. Spend some time determining what blog posts your should write over the next month or adding new content to your website. While you can always spend more time on your social media accounts, it’s possible to spend too much time on them. The most important part is the first few hours of creating your accounts but as you over invest, you will not only take time away from other marketing activities.

Create Your Social media To-Do List

What are the specific tasks required to establish and maintain a successful presence on Social media? below is an example of the basic workflow for social media marketing marketing.

todolist How to create your social media To Do list and why?
minilogoforposts How to create your social media To Do list and why?Set Up Campaign

You need to be in a creativity mode when you get started with this step. As the entire workflow starts with a concept, an idea that will drive the start of the work. Or you can get a help of creative agencies. creative professionals can really help by contributing unconventional ideas that may resonate unexpectedly well with your customer base.
minilogoforposts How to create your social media To Do list and why?Produce Content

Content is the way to a successful social media campaign. With all the noise out there, you need to have an interesting or useful voice, and you have to communicate regularly enough to stay relevant. this can be in the form of articles, essays, status updates, podcasts, videos, music, and so on. Fortunately, norms on the Internet have evolved in such a way that you don’t have to create your own unique content every time you want to say something. So much content is available on the Internet that you can sometimes just point to content produced by others. alternatively, you can use existing content that you’ve created for other reasons. There are a lot of strategic considerations here that we’ll cover later.
minilogoforposts How to create your social media To Do list and why?Update Contents

Having the content actually isn’t enough. You need to make sure that you use the contents effectively. and since social media is truly interactive, you’re going to get both direct and indirect comments and feedback. How will you keep content updated and respond to feedback? Who will manage this process? who are allowed to make updates? what they are/are not allowed to say? these questions certainly need to be addressed well in advance of launching your social media campaign. you need at least to have a guidelines for your social media presence.
minilogoforposts How to create your social media To Do list and why?Track Metrics

Someone, somewhere in the process, needs to update the daily metrics that are created as a result of your activity. the use of social media tells you how customers receive your social media presence and campaigns. Some of it is readily available by just scanning an account. Other data can be found in Insights tool. you need to pull appropriate data into a spreadsheet or database so you can analyze it appropriately. For facebook, Look at my post: Complete guide to the new facebook page insights.

After your social media presence has run for a period of time, you’ll have a rich set of data that can tell you whether your effort is succeeding. Success may be an absolute goal such as an additional 2,500 Facebook fans or 1000 followers, or it may be a trending goal like 10 incremental fans per day after 90 days. progress against these goals will need to be judged based on all the relevant data. For instance, maybe you are getting a lot of traffic to your Facebook presence, but it mostly comes from paid advertising, when you need something a little more viral. So, you’ve achieved your goals, but you’ve done so in a way that isn’t sustainable and won’t make you or your boss happy.

Once you determine whether you can improve or whether you’ve mixed out the benefits of your efforts, you’ll know what you need to change. changes can come in the form of increased/decreased advertising, demand generation from e-mail marketing or other sources, more/less regular communication, better coordination with other web properties, or a different type of messaging altogether. revisions are fine and a natural part of the process. rarely does a Facebook presence launch without any revisions. You should expect to go through a few rounds of the entire process before you figure out the sweet spot where customers respond to your efforts.

Hope you liked today’s post and hopefully you can now create your To-Do list easily. Finally I want to apologize once again for being inactive during the last couple of months, see you next Monday for the launch of my new ebook

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