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For a business or a blog to get success online, one of the most important requirement is for it to have an easy, simple and remember-able domain name. Yes, Having a good domain is very important. A domain reflects the brand and the stature of the business.

PCNames.com is one such web tool that is going to help you make the task of hunting down the best domain name for your website easier. PCNames is a new Instant Domain Availability search engine which has a lot of potential. You may be thinking that there are so many different Instant Domain Availability checkers already in the internet and this one is just another addition. But I must tell you, you are quite wrong. PCNames has a lot of extra features which easily provides it an extra edge over all of the present domain name search engines.

Lets See what makes it different:

Layout and Speed

Domain name has a great minimalistic and elegant look facilitating all ages of people to use it. The instant domain search tool is very fast compared to other Instant Domain Name Search Websites.
Color Coded Results

PCNames.com has a rather innovative and fun way of showing you domain availability. The results are shown in color-codes i.e. different colors for showed if a domain is available for registration, or is for sale or is not available. Refer the image below

The color codes are as follows:

Red: Not Available

Green: Available

Blue: For Sale
History and Favorites

Another good feature that PCNames tool has is that it keeps record of your recent searches and shows it to you. This is a good features because you can compare your recent domain searches with your older searches so that you can come up with the best domain name.

Domain Registrar Suggestions

When you hover over the domain extensions a small box appears which shows you the domain registrars from where you can register the domain and its price if it is available. If you move your mouse over any unavailable or for sale domain extension then the small box displays a screenshot and links to Whois info, domain broker etc.

Pro & Lite:

Another feature is the Pro version. I had been using the Lite version when I came to know that there is a Pro version too, Clicking on the “Pro” button at the top of the website will take you to a different version of PCNames which has some more features. The features include List of Premium Domains, Domain name suggestion and web hosting suggestion.

More Advanced Features

Along with the main domain search engine, PCNames has some great tools in its tools page which will help you find the perfect domain for your website.

Domain Name Generator

This domain name generator tool helps you to Generate domain names using lists of words for word1 and word2.

Bulk Lookup

This Bulk Domain search tool will allow you to Paste in an unlimited number of domains to be checked for availability.

Mobile App

The PCNames.com Mobile application lets you search domain through your mobile easily.


PCNames also facilitates adding domain search widgets in your own website or blog. This Widgets section contains code for adding to your website.

Registrar Reviews

Another good section that PCNames has, is the review section. Here you can read reviews of all the top domain registrars. It is indeed helpful resource since it is important for one to know about the reliability and trustworthiness of the registrar from whom they are planning to buy the domain name.

Domain Name Tips

Yes, PCNames.com also has a page which is dedicated to providing tips to the domain searcher so that he/she can find the best domains. This small resource will be handy for many people who may be registering a domain for the first time.

In short PCNames.com is a tool which can make your domain name search very easy. It has quite a lot of features and has a lot of potential. If you currently have any requirement of domain names, then I think this is a tool that can assist you a lot in hunting down the best domain name. You must give it a try. Although there are many similar tools in the market, this website edges over the others due to its intuitive and extra features.

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