Top 3 Linux FTP Clients

Linux is a system designed for tech-savvy gurus who are ready to take full control of their computing experience.

Because of this, there are certain utilities that are more important than standard — especially those specifically designed to coding and web development.

It’s less than astonishing, then, that some really excellent FTP clients have made their way to the Linux OS.

So without further ado, here are three of the very best alternatives for Linux users looking to choose an FTP client.


This browser application, Konquerer, features nearly limitless possibilities within the KIO framework. This means that transferring files is only the tip of the iceberg in KDE’s “conquest.” Other possibilities include the ability to mount NFS systems, work with Samba shares, and much more.

Navigating functions are fairly fluid, with benefits like context-sensitive right-click menus that eliminate non-applicable action items. Many users are also in love with the desktop-integrated format of Konqueror.

As with any tool, there are some items to complain about. For Konqueror, it’s the less than masterpiece twin-panel list interface (luckily, there is a way to modify this to a different interface setup) and a sequential file transfer system that can make the transfer of large file batches take longer than strictly necessary (although you can queue files as needed).

Overall, this free FTP Client is one of the most high-functioning pieces of software to date, and a perfect option for the especially tech-savvy.


FileZilla is a great, balanced option for those who want at least the standard features but don’t want to deal with any extra complexities. This environment is intuitive for users, fast for servers, and secure for your paranoid streak.

Great features of FileZilla include its Quick-connect option for rapid and easy server access, a bookmark option for “favoriting” your frequented servers, and an impressive queue handling method that allows customizable prioritization and highly stable sessions.

While it’s not hailed as the prettiest program on the market, FileZilla is broadly recognized as the most well-rounded alternative for standard FTP users.


Some users need advanced features like those mentioned above. However, some people just need to upload and download files. For those people, FireFTP is an ideal solution.

FireFTP is designed as a plugin for Firefox, arguably the most popular browser for both open source fans and web developers. FireFTP allows for quick, easy to navigate FTP access directly from your browser, making is the reigning champion in the lightweight division.

This easy to install plugin is secure, fast, and stable, making it an ideal choice for those who only need the core functions of an FTP client. However, some small slow-down issues do happen with redraws occurring during window resizing. Additionally, the plugin has only a small handful of bonus features, so those looking for more in-depth functionality best look elsewhere.

While there is a definite selection of alternatives not mentioned above (including some that come pre-installed with specific distros), it should be noted that not all FTP clients are created equal. Definitely explore other options, but keep in mind these three alternatives are the ones receiving our gilded stamp of approval

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