Web Hosting Hub – A New Web Hosting Service That May Just Work For You

If you are a webmaster than you most certainly know how important a good and reliable web hosting is for your website. For a website, web hosting is what Oxygen is to Human Beings. Without Oxygen human beings cannot survive, in the same manner without webhosting a website cannot survive.

At present, there are thousands of web hosting providers in the Internet but there are very few which offer good services. It is important for one to choose a good web hosting service for his/her website since bad webhosting can incur you a lot of losses. If your website goes on having downtimes due to your web host, you will lose a lot of visitors as well as sales or conversions if you have a business website. Also, many website do not provide all the features that you may wont. They may not provide all the software or scripts that may be needed to run you website, so it is important that you be stringent when searching for a web host.

But hold on, today, to make your work easier, I am going to introduce you a web hosting service which may just work right for you. The name of the Web Hosting Service is Web Hosting Hub. It has all the features that may help it in becoming one of the best web hosting companies ( if it does everything right in the future.)

About Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub was first launched in 2001 as a providers of online hosting management service. I did a Wayback archive check on them and found out that at that time even though they did offer good services, their business model and their site design did not allow them to become one of the leading web hosting providers in the Internet. But recently Web Hosting Hub or in short Hub has come through a re-branding phase and have relaunched their services and is all set to become one of the leading web host online.
Why Should You Opt For Web Hosting Hub

I already stated that WebHostingHub.com has all the features that can help become one of the leading web hosting service online, so lets check what the features really are:

It is human nature to search for things which are good but come at a cheap price. Web Hosting Hub steps into the game strongly with 12, 24 and 36-month hosting plans. You can get an unlimited web hosting plan for only 4.95$/month (If you register for 3 years) which is quite cheaper than many other web hosting providers.

I think 4.95$ per month is a great price for the features they offer. Check out the features below.

Free Domain Name

Yes, you heard it right!! Unlike other web hosting service providers where you had to buy domain name separately, with Web Hosting Hub, you get one free domain for lifetime with your account as long as it is hosted in their servers. You can get any top domain name like .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz and .us

This is a definitive feature which separates it from a lot of other web hosts.


Although this company is relatively new in the scene and there are not years of statistic of uptime records to see through, I have read about good uptime and brilliant reviews for this web hosting service. There has not been any reports of major downtime for Web Hosting Hub so far and the site hosted with Web Hosting Hub loads faster than the average. So Web Hosting Hub is quite reliable web host. In fact, they also provide 90 days money back guarantee which further strengthens their reliability score.


One of the best feature of Web Hosting Hub is their 24/7, US based support. Web Hosting Hub really excels in the support section and their support agents are readily available for support through chats, emails and telephone 24/7. The support agents are knowledgeable in their domain and are eager to help customers with any problems they face.

Guides and Tutorials.

Web Hosting Hubs has a section which is dedicated as a web hosting guide for the users. This section contains a huge amount of technical guides and video tutorials which would help a customer to figure out things on their own. This is certainly another great feature that acts as a plus point for Web Hosting Hub over other web hosting services.

Control Panel

Most of us webmasters love cpanel web hosting, we love the easy to use Interface that Cpanel provides. Well, I felt great to know that Web Hosting Hub provides Cpanel as the Control Panel which easily makes it better than a lot of other webhosts like iPage, Fatcow, Justhost and Bluehost which have their custom build vDeck control panel. You can update and modify your site easily and quickly with cPanel, and it gives you access to anything you can think of to personalize your site or increase its functionality. You can easily install WordPress or b2evolution to create a blog with the help of cPanel as well as install any other scripts or shopping cart programs.

Other Great Features

Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
90 Day Money Back Guarantee (Not many companies offer such long period money back guarantee)
Advanced Security w/suPHP
Comprehensive Email Functionality
Standard Shared Hosting Features
Premium Web Site Builder
100% Dell Servers using Linux OS
Green Data Center Technology
“No Downtime” transfer process, lets you get your site set up on their servers, without going live yet.

How Hub Fares Against other Webhosts:


Well although I said it is a great web hosting, but still there are some cons with them. Lets take a closer look at the things they lack:

1) Does not accept Paypal: They do not have Paypal as a payment processor. Probably this will serve as a big weak point for the company since many webmasters do not use credit cards for purchases. I think they should add Paypal as a payment processor so that they can get better sales.

2. No Shell Access/SFTP: Well, if you are a hard-core geek and do all those hardcore coding things and feels he absolutely needs shell access with any hosting provider — you may want to look elsewhere.

2. No affiliate program: For a web hosting business to survive in the Internet, it is important to compete against the big players and for doing that, the business should also adopt the model that the big players follow. Affiliate programs are quite needed for web hosting business to bring in more sales. Web Hosting Hub has no affiliate program but I most probably think that this is due to them being a newcomer to the field.


Overall, Web Hosting Hub is a good web host to go on with for a blogger or a small business. They provide web hosting at cheap, provide a great amount of features and are highly reliable. What else would a person want from his webhost. Although they may need to improve on the above mentioned points if they want to keep up with the Big Guns in the industry

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