What Could Mark Zuckerburg Buy With His $6.9 Billion? [InfoGraphic]

We all know Mark Zuckerberg right? (Damn! is that even a question! lol). Mark Zuckerberg is the Co-founder, CEO and President of Facebook and owns about 24% stake of Facebook. He is currently worth around 6.9 billion dollars (imagine!!!) and is the 35th richest person in America. All that money could buy him all the luxuries in the world. What if one day he decides to spend the 6.9 Billion he has. I came across this astonishing infographic that will help him spend his money in the grandest ever way imaginable. Have a Look Below:

2 thoughts on “What Could Mark Zuckerburg Buy With His $6.9 Billion? [InfoGraphic]

  1. Thats very cool article, God bless him. The idea of Facebook was completely unique and blog the competition in the face of Facebook in no time.

  2. Whoa! That sure is one hell of an infographic. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one as interesting. And I’ve seen the official twitter one.

    Anyways. Back to Mark and all of his money.

    I personally believe that he should not be spending it on material stuff such as boats, cars and homes.

    Sure, a place to stay is always awesome to have. But it does not have to be insanely big. And even if he does buy a big place: what about the rest of his money?

    Well, I’ve got a suggestion. Donate the money to people actually needing it. There’s people dying from not having water and such every single second. Yet there’s billionaire’s running around buying cars, houses, boats… it’s just not fair!

    My advise to Mark is to spend his money on good things. Not material.

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