15 Best Ebooks Every Blogger Should Read

We need knowledge to do everything better, and reading book is a positive way to acquire knowledge.

You can find thousands of topics on books but obviously it is impossible to read all types of books. We should choose books related to the topic that we’d love to learn about. This will increase our effectiveness and excitement.

My favorite books are mostly about blogging, Internet marketing, SEO, law and detective stories when I have free time at home.

These books help me improve my performance at work and on blogosphere.

One day, I found that I had little time for books while I wasted a lot of time doing nothing such as sitting on the bus and waiting for someone (I call it passive time).

But it’s inconvenient to bring my books or Kindle everywhere. That’s why I copied a lot of e-books into my iPhone/ BlackBerry/ iPod to change the passive into active time. You should try it too.


Best E-books?

Another thing is that you should be careful to choose e-books. They’re not all reliable. Why?

Unlike printed books that are strictly censored before published, e-books can be written by anyone and be easily published on the Internet. So you will waste your time if you read an e-book which has no real value.

In the blogosphere, there are dozens of e-books published every day, most of which are for advertising purposes. Be sure that you’re conscious enough to choose the right ones for you.

Following is the list of fifteen qualified e-books that you can rely on.

1. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Author: Darren Rowse.
Page number: 94
Price: $29.99 ($14.99 – only for Christmas 2011)
How to get a copy: You can purchase this e-book right here or read more about this ebook here.
Why this ebook listed here?

Darren Rowse is a great authority on blogging. He has over ten year blogging experience. He has written many e-books that helped thousands of bloggers build successful blogs.

This e-book is one of his great masterpieces.

If you are interested in learning about how to blog, this e-book is ideal. Through 90 pages of 31 Day to Build a Better Blog, you will learn how to:

  • Write a variety of different types and styles of posts.
  • Learn techniques for coming up with new post ideas.
  • Promote your blog in a variety of ways.
  • Build relationships with readers.
  • Reach out to and developed working relationships with other bloggers.
  • Develop an editorial calendar for your blog going forward.
  • Discover ways to be more connected to your niche/topic.
  • Design a plan for the next month of your blogging.
  • Increase conversion

This e-book includes step-by-step instructions of how to carry out a blog. It’s like a lighthouse that shows me and other readers where to head. I’ve saved lots of time thanks to it.

You should give it a try too. Get a copy of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog now.

2. ProBlogger’s Guide to You First Week Of Blogging

Author: Darren Rowse.
Page number: 52
Price: $ 19.99 ($9.99 – Only for Christmas 2011)
How to get a copy: Visit this link.
Why this ebook listed here?

Here is another masterpiece of Darren Rowse – ProBlogger’s Guide to You First Week of Blogging. You will learn how to build a solid foundation for your blog in seven days. You can call it a 7-day-blogging project.

You will be assigned 3 to 5 tasks every day to work on your blog within a week.

  • Day 1: Setup an ideas folder, brainstorm several specific post ideas that your target audience, decide on a posting schedule, plan your first week of content, and create your launch post.
  • Day 2: Publish your launch post, create a “my story” post, develop a publishing process, generate ideas for pillar content, and build a social media presence for your blog.
  • Day 3: Publish your “my story” post, create pillar content, generate ideas for a pillar content series, plan your next post, and engage with your audience.
  • Day 4: Publish your first pillar content post, create your next post, play with formats & headlines, create a content plan, and promote valuable resources for your niche.
  • Day 5: Publish your latest post created on Day 4, start your pillar content series, take advantage of blog comments, and research your audience.
  • Day 6: Publish your first series post, share a good link with your audience, create the second post in your series, create a style guide, and work on your about page.
  • Day 7: Review your blog’s direction, identify what content is missing from your ideas, and refresh your publishing plans.

This e-book provides you with simple, clear instructions on how to get started with a blog idea. However, I recommend you read either ProBlogger’s Guide to You First Week of Blogging or the 31 Day to Build a Better Blog. Don’t read both!

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3. Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak

Author: Yaro Starak.
Page number: 54
Price: $0
How to get a copy: Visit Yaro’s site and subscribe to his email list.
Why this ebook listed here?

Yaro Starak is a professional blogger who makes $20,000 to $50,000 per month from his blog. Impressive, right?

For a man who wants to make over $10,000 online monthly like me, clearly what Yara achieved is worth applying.

Since I downloaded and read his free e-book, Blog Profits Blueprint, I’ve learned so much about blogging and several different methods of making money online. I’ve learned “How blogs make money “, “How to generate high-quality traffic for my blog faster and easier than I’m doing now”, “How to convert my blog traffic into value – either straight revenue from advertising and other sources, or pre-eminence for my business” and much more.

Yaro provides this e-book for free. Just subscribe to his email list and you can download this e-book right now (including video and audio version and much more).

4. ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income

15 Best E-books Every Blogger Should ReadAuthor: Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett.
Page number: 242
Price: $24.99 $14.49
How to get a copy: Get your copy of this ebook right here
Why this e-book listed here?

After blogging for 2 years, I’d happy when read this e-book. I’ve learned lessons about “blogging for money”, “niche blogging”, “blog income and earning strategies”, “blog promotion and marketing” and “secrets of successful blogs” here.

One of the reasons motivating me to join the blogging world is making money by blogging. This is a good way for those who want to add an income stream to their life. There is no shame in making money by doing something you like and believing that it also brings benefits for other people.

However, not all bloggers could make money blogging.

Only a few people succeeded in making money from their blogs.

Why someone was successful while you’re still not?

I thought that we have not found good tutorials and right way. There are thousands of articles on how to make money blogging but they don’t work. The articles were not written based on real experience. For me, it’s like being deceived. How can they teach us while they’re not even successful?

Darren Rowse kept his patience over ten years to gain reputation and make money from his blogs. You can believe in what he shares in his e-books.

5. Writing Brave and Free

Author: Ted Kooser and Steve Cox
Page number: 190
Price: $12.95 $10.25
How to get a copy: Purchase this ebook on Amazone.
Why this ebook listed here?

To blog we must write. To attract readers we must provide good content. Good content is based on writing well. And to write well, we need courage. This e-book will help you do that.

Ted Kooser, the nation’s Poet Laureate and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, is a professor of English at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. And Steve Cox, a lifelong editor and publisher, is now a freelance writer and the director emeritus of the University of Arizona Press.

Writing Brave and Free inspired me to write more and better. My writing skill has improved thanked to it.

The e-book works out for other aspiring writers as well. Let’s take a look at other readers’ reviews:

“If you’ve yearned for the courage to put pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, after reading Writing Brave and Free, you probably will.” — Marge Pellegrino, Tucson Weekly

“These two are a pair of crafty old uncles who anticipate your writing dilemmas and offer you examples of how they and others have resolved them. While they’d never be so bold as to tell you what to do, they’ll politely steer you along the proper path.” — Arizona Daily Star

“Practical and upbeat advice.” — UU World

6. The Elements of Styles

15 Best E-books Every Blogger Should ReadAuthor: William Strunk, Jr., and E.B. White
Page number: 190
Price: $12.95 $9.95
How to get a copy: Purchase this ebook on Amazone.
Why this ebook listed here?

According to Wikipedia, in 2011, Time magazine listed The Elements of Styles as one of the 100 best and most influential books written in English since 1923.

This is a MUST-HAVE book for any writer. This is writers’ bible.

So let’s grab it right now!

7. On Writing Well

Author: William Zinsser
Page number: 332
Price: $14.99 $8.98
How to get a copy: Purchase this ebook on Amazone.
Why this ebook listed here?

“William Zinsser is a lifelong journalist and nonfiction writer—he began his career on the New York Herald Tribune in 1946—and is also a teacher, best known for his book On Writing Well, a companion held in affection by three generations of writers, reporters, editors, teachers and students” (williamzinsserwriter.com)

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“It is a book for everybody who wants to learn how to write or who needs to do some writing to get through the day, as almost everybody does in the age of e-mail and the Internet.”

My friend who is a copywriter suggested me read this book. Her writing is very good and she helped me so much on writing so I believed in her recommendation.

After reading a part of it, I can understand why my friend recommended it. It’s rich and dense, with no useless words. This book is perhaps the best book on writing we can find.

8. The Nearly Ultimate Guide to Better Writing

Author: Write to Done
Page number: 118
Price: $0
How to get a copy: Visit Write to Done and subscribe to their email list.
Why this ebook listed here?

Here are the topics you will see in the e-book:

– Write to Serve: Giving Deeper Purpose to Your Craft
– 6 Key Steps to Finding Your Passion As a Writer
– Blood, Sweat and Words: How Badly Do You Want This?
– Why You Should Stop Waiting for Inspiration
– 31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing
– How to Touch Your Creative Soul: A Zen View
– How to Finish What You Start: A Five-Step Plan for Writers
– 10 Simple Ways to Double the Speed of Your Writing … Right Now
– Recover from Writing Burn Out: 18 Tips for Writing with Gusto
– It’s Time to Finish Your Book: 9 Productivity Tips for Writers
– How to Write Like an A-List Blogger
– 12 Essential Blogwriting Tips for Building a Successful Blog
– 11 Ways to Write an Irresistible Intro to Your Blog Post
– How to Make Your Free eBook a Magnet for New Readers.
– Writing an eBook: How to Get Started (and Finish!)
– Get Your Eagle Eye On: 10 Tips for Proofreading Your Own Work
– How to Rescue a Piece when You Write a Frankenstein
– The (Nearly) Ultimate Resource: 176 Tips for Writers

This e-book is downloaded for free and it has good content. Don’t hesitate to get a copy of it right now.

9. Everything You Know About Traffic Is Wrong

Author: Martyn Chambe
Page number: 16
Price: $0
How to get a copy: Visit Martyn’s blog and subscribe to his email list.
Why this ebook listed here?

Traffic is the thing that any blogger interested in. Are you?

What do you know about traffic?

You may know many things about traffic, but is it right?

You know, I had blogged for over 2 years before reading this e-book. I have learned so much about traffic but what I read in this e-book took me aback. What? Everything I learned before was wrong? Are you kidding me, Martyn Chambe? I must read your e-book to know what the hell you talked about traffic.

Martyn Chambe was right and I was wrong. In his short e-book (about 2,000 words), he showed me:

1. Why I cannot build my blog from the ground up.
2. Why leaving lots of comments and tweeting your face off is a really bad idea.
3. What the real traffic-building secret is, explained in several steps.
4. Why I desperately need people to unsubscribe from my blog on a regular basis.
5. Why guest posting is possibly an extremely bad idea.
6. Why social media is a huge waste of time, and why I should instead engage ultra-specific conversations.
7. How to keep your subscribers from reading my blog, and why this is so important.
8. Why I should spend up to an hour writing my headline.
9. Why I should totally ignore SEO in order to have great SEO.

Why don’t you examine your knowledge about traffic by reading this e-book? Try it!

10. Engagement from Scratch

Author: Danny Iny and 30+ well-know bloggers
Page number:242
Price: $19.95
How to get a copy: Purchase this ebook on Amazone or subscribe to Danny Iny’s email list for FREE.
Why this ebook listed here?

What do you want if you have a blog with great content?

What do you want if you provide a good product, a great service?

Do you want readers? Do you want people to buy your product, using your service?

I knew you will answer YES, I DO!!

Do you know where to start? Or do you get what you want?

If your answer is NO, this e-book is everything you need.

Personally, my experience to do something is following the way successful people did (and avoid the mistakes they made).

In this e-book, you will see over 30 popular co-authors (Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark, Mitch Joel, Danny Brown, Tristan Higbee, Onibalusi Bamidele, Corbett Barr, Kristi Hines are my favorite authors in this ebook) talking about “how they build engagement”, “how they increase their blog traffic”, “how they let the whole world read what they are writing” and “how to profit from all that”.

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If you want to get success, read this e-book!

11. SEO Starter Guide by Google

Author: Google
Page number: 32
Price: $0
How to get a copy: Dowload it right here.
Why this ebook listed here?

98% Internet user used search engines to search information on the Internet. And Google is top 1 search engine recognized by Internet users. Google and other search engines are great way to get traffic to every site.

Therefore, you need SEO to boost your site ranking up. SEO Starter Guide by Google will teach you the most basic steps to get started with SEO. Don’t plod along with confusing SEO articles if you’re a beginner.

Let’s get a copy of this e-book? It’s free and it’s great!

12. The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide

Author: Micheal Miller
Page number: 637
Price: $34.99 $23.32
How to get a copy: Purchase this ebook on Amazone.
Why this ebook listed here?

Are you trying to learn about marketing? What did you learn about marketing? Is everything you learned working for you?

Since I found and read The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide e-book, I saw the whole picture of Internet marketing and how to carry out an online marketing plan.

Truthfully, I wanted to keep this e-book in secret for myself. Oh God I’m not that selfish so I decided to share it with you. Look at the picture above to see what I have learned on this e-book and I believe you will have the right decision after that.

13. Make Money Online with John Chow dot com

Author: John Chow
Page number: 59
How to get a copy: Visit John’s blog and subscribe to his email list.
Why this ebook listed here?

John Chow is a famous blogger who could make over $40,000 online per month. His e-book, Make Money Online with John Chow dot com, was the first e-book I read about Make Money Online.

Many topics in this e-book are out-of-date now but it still has value for those who wanted to make money blogging. In fact, this e-book is the collection of many blog posts on his blog, johnchow.com.

You will learn many lessons on blogging tips, the program to make money online and much more through this e-book.

You will save much time when reading this e-book instead of finding separate articles on make money online. I highly recommend you get a copy of this e-book right now.

14. Ultimate Blog Profit Model

15 Best E-books Every Blogger Should ReadAuthor: John Chow
Page number: 60
Price: $0
How to get a copy: Visit John’s site and subscribe to his email list.
Why this ebook listed here?

This is another e-book of John Chow.

If you read his first free e-book, Make Money Online with John Chow dot com, you would be interested in reading his second free e-book, Ultimate Blog Profit Model.

In this e-book, John Chow gave us an exact way to make money online. It’s a hard and long journey. And definitely, blogging is not a way to get rich overnight. This is the most valuable thing that I learned from John through his e-book.

15. Blogging Income Exposed

15 Best E-books Every Blogger Should ReadAuthor: Onibalusi Bamidele
Page number: 18
Price: $0
How to get a copy: You can download this ebook here.
Why this ebook listed here?

This e-book could not be the best e-book I found but it’s a great work that motivated me on blogging for money.

You know, sometimes, motivation is a great thing that encourages you to do something quickly.

This e-book was written by Onibalusi, a young entrepreneur and blogger who makes $5,000 writing online. He is younger than me, but what he achieved is my goal now.

He gave me the courage to do what I want now. It’s worth reading.

What did you think about these e-books?

I knew the e-books I listed here might not be the best e-books but I thought they are great resources for those who want to join the blogosphere.

Tell me and my readers what you thought about these e-books. I always appreciate any suggestion which will make my blog posts better. Thanks all.

By Digital Cruise providing Internet Marketing Course in Delhi and SEO Course in Delhi.