5 Best Ways to Generate Backlinks

Creating backlinks to your website is a very important search engine optimization process that increases ranking. It improves online visibility of a business organization and drives more inbound traffic to the site; thus increasing online sales and profits.

For the exercise to be worth the while, it is good to generate backlinks through diverse methods and from different platforms. Read on to know more.


1. Using social media sites:

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are superb online marketing tools to generate more business for your company. These sites are the best way to increase incoming traffic to your site through backlinks. Proper promotion of your products, services, special offers, discounts, contests, prizes, etc. on social networking sites will definitely build up the quantum of backlinks; thus increasing online sales.

These sites are also useful to know more about your potential customers and their wish-list through their comments, tweets and posts. Once you have their psyche, you know what marketing technique to use so that they can be converted from curious onlookers to customers. A satisfied customer will share your link with their friends and family.

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2. Grabbing and sustaining attention:

The tag of the backlink on your social media profile should have catchy text, enough to raise the curiosity of a web user. Once the user has reached your website, the content should be informative, attractive, precise and comprehensive at the same time. The content should answer questions through FAQs and forms.

Regular updates will provide visitors with the latest happenings in your company like your services and products. A write up that is interesting enough can have an escalating effect when visitors to your site share the link on their social media accounts or profiles. A content that is user-focused will automatically create more links.

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3. Writing product reviews:

People like to browse through numerous product descriptions before they make a choice. For example, let’s say you want a touchscreen Android smartphone. The usual decider for anyone is the price difference between the various available brands. And you can also take a look at product reviews for some of the brands.

Now you would like to compare the functionality and dynamic qualities of each before making your selection. A backlink from the review to the actual product page will lure more potential buyers to your company’s website.

4: Using blogs

Blogs are public platforms that have a high potential as marketing tools. You can start backlinks from some popularly read blog sites by being a guest blogger. A short and informative blog post about your latest product, listing out why it is different-from and better-than other products, will create backlinks to your product catalogue. In cases when the features and benefits are enumerated, the price won’t matter even if the product belongs to a niche market.

Another great way to increase backlinks to your site is by interviewing experts who are regular bloggers. Once their interview is published on their blog site, they will naturally share the write up and automatically generate backlinks to your site.

5. Offering freebies

Shoppers love freebies. You can use that to your advantage to generate backlinks. Here are some examples:

  • If you are a personal investment site, you can provide free online calculators for monthly systematic investment plans (SIP), annual tax liability, etc. Once you are established as having in-depth knowledge on personal finance, backlinks to your investment site is just a mouse-click away.
  • An online tutoring site can offer free log tables, online scientific calculators, reference books, booklet of often repeated questions in examinations, etc. that would help a student secure better grades.
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To summarize, reaching out to potential customers through various write ups is what really generates greater curiosity about your products and services. Whether it is a product review written by you or a satisfied customer’s blog post; various social media tools can be used to increase backlinks to your website.