5 Easy Steps to Get More Traffic from Google

Even though many people may use other search engines and try to ignore Google, the reality is impossible to ignore, and the reality is this: Google is the most important traffic source for you, no matter what kind of website you are promoting. If you are invisible in Google results, you will lose from 50% to even 90% or 95% of visitors. So, you have to ask yourself the question of whether you want your website to be successful, or you want to ignore Google – because it is that simple. Either think about how to get more traffic from Google, or accept that your website will never be popular if it is not seen by Google.

So, What Are the 5 Easy Steps to Getting Traffic from Google?

There are many different things you can do in order to get more traffic from Google, but the 5 easy steps listed here have proven to be practical, effective and indeed easy to accomplish. So, here are these 5 steps listed and explained:

  1. Don’t play games! – The first thing you will need to understand that playing games with Google, even though it might be a success for some people, will almost always result in you being banned by Google. Now, there are people who have successfully done this and gained a lot from doing this, but the reality is that Google is getting better and better in finding out these people each and every day, and you will risk a lot by trying to game Google. So, rather than playing games and attempting to cheat Google, you should really invest your time and energy in developing your website.
  2. Appealing and interesting content – Yes, this really is obvious, but it is also one of the best things you can do in order to get more Google traffic and generally more visitors to your website. This can best be seen by giving an example, and here it is. If you run a blog, you will have to try your best and beyond your best to provide your visitors with something interesting and well-worth a read. If you fail at this, your visitors will never come back again, and this is not the recipe for success. Google will recognize fresh and interesting content as relevant content.
  3. SEO – Keywords are, logically, very important if you want to get traffic from Google. You cannot expect to rank high if you are using keywords that are overused though, so you will be better off with using synonyms of popular keywords for your niche.
  4. Interaction – You should always keep in mind to interact with other popular websites in your niche. This will include commenting on blogs by other bloggers, leaving your links on other websites similar to yours, being active in popular forums and so on.
  5. Be active – If you want to be recognized by Google, you will have to be active and regularly add new content to your website. So, if you are running a blog, you cannot leave it without posts for weeks, as this will not do you any good in terms of traffic from Google.