5 Reasons People Backup in the Clouds

More and more people are discovering the advantages of using cloud services for backup of their computer files. There are several reasons for this, including ease of retrieval, cost reduction, shift of liability, and others.

1. Backup and recovery is the responsibility of the cloud services provider.

When a company uses cloud services as a means of backup and recovery for their files, the benefits are many-fold.

For one thing, the user saves money by not having to provide this service “in-house”; that is, having to employ an Information Technology (IT) person or retain one on an on-call basis simply to ensure that files are continuously being backed up in secure, easily accessible programs or files as well as implementing recovery operations (which can be very expensive in their own right) if data is lost.

Cloud services providers do this for a company. Because they provide these services, they are responsible if anything goes wrong with their equipment, whether it occurs through equipment failure or security breaches. For some companies, this can mean additional savings because they are no long liable (to some extent) for circumstances arising from these or other issues.

2. Information is considered “off-site.”

Information that is backed up through Cloud services apps is actually separated from other information. However, the app that is used to separate, back up, and store the information is still compatible with the ISP, programs, and hardware and software your business uses.

You still have access to the backed up information; in fact, you may even have faster access simply because it is separate. This can save you valuable time when you need to retrieve information rapidly, especially if it is necessary because of a loss of data.

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3. Privacy is more protected because of “off-site” storage.

The privacy of your backed up and stored information is actually more assured with cloud services, because there is less chance that incidences of “hacking” or industrial espionage or sabotage can occur.

Even if your entire computer system or even the physical property on which your business is located is compromised, the possibility of this having affected backed up files stored in the cloud services apps is reduced, because they were literally in another location. Learn about how contextual help platforms can be leveraged with cloud based applications.

4. “Pay-as-you-go” or “one-price service” means you don’t have to worry about constant price increases.

Many cloud services providers allow you to pick only those apps or features you actually need. Some of them allow you to pay for them individually, and only when they are actually used, while others may offer a number of apps or features for a set price, which includes usage time.

5. Cloud services are constantly being updated with new or improved apps and features to provide quality security and storage capabilities.

This means you don’t have to worry about slow retrieval or increased (if any) risk of compromised security that may occur from outdated or even obsolete equipment or software being used.

If your company has been considering using cloud services, these five reasons can help you make your presentation more powerful, thus opening up the possibility that the decision will be made to utilize this technology.