8 Productivity Tips For Bloggers

Blogging is not an easy task. It demands a lot of patience and hard work. Writing quality posts, promoting them using various methods Blog commenting, guest posts, working with advertisers, interacting with your readers, networking and lot of other blogging tasks have made blogging a full time job.

But since the majority of bloggers do blogging as a part time job , we often hear bloggers complaining of less time and large number of tasks in their to do list. Well, that is completely understandable.
And, to help you in this regard Ive brought a list of 8 productivity tips which will help bloggers to do more in less time.

Allocate time to each task

According to Parkinsons law, work expands itself to fill the allocated time. So its very important that you should allocate specific time to every task. Allocate a fixed set of time will help you to increase your productivity and to keep track of the time youve worked for.

Work in Distraction free environment

Blogging is a creative task. So try to work as much as possible in a distraction free environment. Turn off Television and auto-notifier applications like Tweetdeck, Google talk when you are working on your blog.

Find out the best time

The human behavior is not same whole day. It keeps on changing. There will be a time in the day when youll be feeling most productive and creative than others.

Some people are more productive in early mornings, whereas few prefer to work in nights. Identify which time works best for you and finish all your blogging tasks during that time.

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Write as much as you can

There will be some good days to write a lot and some bad days when you can think of nothing to write.

So use your good days to the maximum extent possible by writing as much as you can. You can use these extra posts when you cant think of anything new to write or want to take a break from blogging.

Dont waste your time in non productive tasks

Though, reading other blogs is important as it helps in getting new ideas and keeps you updated with latest happenings in the industry, dont overdo it. Similarly dont waste lot of your time by checking your traffic stats, affiliate earnings, adwords revenues every other hour.

Use proper tools

Use proper tools and try to automate as many of your blogging tasks as possible. Some of the tasks like bookmarking new posts, updating your status on social media profiles every time your blogs gets updated, welcoming new commentators and subscribers can easily be automated and can save lot of your time you usually spend in these tasks.

Set Realistic Goals

Keep a daily to-do list with all the blogging related tasks you want to do each day. But dont set unrealistic goals by filling your lists with hundreds of tasks. Setting realistic goals and finishing your to-do list every day will give you a feeling of achievement and keep you motivated for the next days tasks.

Avoid Multitasking

Though multitasking may be a good thing for non-creative tasks but when it comes to creative work like blogging, studies have revealed that the persons who multitask a lot lose their focus easily.

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Imaging writing an article one moment, replying to a friend on IM other moment, then checking the email, you will lose your focus when you start writing the article again.

So avoid doing multitasking. If you are writing something then complete it in one sitting without doing any other task, if you are replying to comments then reply to all of them at same time.

So these are the eight most effective productivity tips for bloggers which every blogger must follow to do more in less time. Do you have any more tips which you would like to share with us? Then, Feel free to share with us in the comments below or you can also join our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi in which we covers all the topics of marketing via digital devices.