Best tips of running SMS marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach the people and convince them to do positive actions which is good for the company. SMS campaign is the affordable way to reach the customers and interact with them. It is a personal way to communicate with them and solve all the queries. One of the best reasons which differentiate it from other medium is that it has the power to reach to those customers also that don’t use internet. It is because the factor of age. They would like to use their old way of communicating .So, it is like trap those customers also who are exempted from the facility of internet.

Even as per records, SMS marketing is a good source of driving the sales. Marketers are using this medium as much as possible. They keep in touch with the customers by sending sale offer or some discounts or any new arrival of stock or reminders. It is a way to not lose them and always remind them about the brand. So that next time when they go for shopping then they remember to visit their store also. There are many motives behind the SMS.
Let us understand the concept of SMS marketing campaign and tips to improve the strategies.

Set the objective

This is the i8initial step in the campaign. On the starting the objective of the campaign must be clear and what they outcome they desire. It helps in building best strategies which can help in getting the required outcome and helps in removing unnecessary ambiguity. It helps in getting the completion of the campaign in time and in the best way.

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Introduces Call to Action (CTA)

Never forget to introduce call to action feature in the message. It is the best way to know about the actual customers. Call to action means a action in the respect of customers and they have to do which is recommended by the organization.
For example- Pepsi Company introduces by asking customers to send code on specified number which is PEP123. The code is the combination of letters and numbers. It helps in engaging the customers and gets to know how much they are really into our brand. It is a way to know about the customers how much responsive to our brand.

Incentives for SMS

To increase the involvement of customers and persuade them purchase the product you can take extra measures. If the customers send the message on the particular number then they will get discount of 10%. There is a need to attach the offer with the SMS. It will create excitement toward the brand and next time they also purchase your brand.

Attractive campaign

The SMS campaign must be designed interestingly otherwise customers would not take a second to block you. So, the SMS must be creative and attractive that it doesn’t irritate the customer rather they take it seriously. The campaign has to design according to the need of the business.
You use the certain strategy such as wish them on festivals and birthdays as it creates belongingness and attachment with the organization. Give special discount to special customers on their birthday or on festival or on season end.