Changes in SEO in 2017 – Things You Need To Do After The Panda Update

There have been recent changes in some SEO tactics in 2017 and in order to understand this, you have to understand how the webmasters optimized their websites before 2017. Previously, the webmasters used to focus more on getting their websites indexed as much as possible. This meant that the higher the number of pages that are being indexed, the more keywords will remain in Google Index for that particular website. This would facilitate the traffic that the website earned to it. However, there has been a change in the way Google indexes various pages and this has put pressure on the webmasters as they have to work hard to make their websites seen in the search engine results. Here are some new SEO tactics that the webmasters have to implement after the Panda update.

Monitor your website closely: Unlike before, a webmaster has to monitor his website closely through the usage of Google Analytics and use all other kinds of Webmaster Tools to make sure that your website does not contain anything that is of low quality. If you see that the website has links that have now become low quality. Such irrelevant links will harm your website and therefore, you need to make sure that you immediately remove such links from your website.

Concentrate on on-page optimization: You must concentrate on strong on-page optimization on the particular pages that you have in the Google Index. The absence of this will actually play an important role in pulling website traffic. Thus, if you want to boost the traffic, concentrate more on on-page optimization.

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Have a clear internet linking strategy: The internet linking strategy that you’re using in your website, must be well understood. This is specially designed to boost the informative value of the content that is present in your webpage and also create a mutual rise in the value of the inert-linked pages in your website.

Use social networking websites: This is also a marked change in SEO trends and now you have to include social networking links within your website that will be coming back from social networking websites.

Use strong signals: Implement sitemaps, robots.txt file, 301 redirects and all the canonical URLs so that you can build strong signals within your relevant pages.

With the new online SEO strategies that are being used in 2017, you have to make sure that you follow the simple and particular strategies that are mentioned above. Boost your traffic so that you can get the best financial results for your company’s website.

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