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Digital (Internet) Marketing Course in Delhi Details, Fees and Modules


The Most Advanced Digital/Internet Marketing Course in Delhi

Digital Marketing is one of the Fastest growing fields today. Every business needs to promote their services and products via Digital/Internet Marketing. Digital Marketing (Also Known As Online Marketing / Internet Marketing) can help us to achieve our expected goals. Digital or Internet Marketing is all about to promote your products and services online. Digital or Internet Marketing can also help us to work as a Freelancer, Digital Marketing Services Provider (i.e. SEO, SMO, PPC etc), as a Professional Blogger, Social Media Marketer and much more. We here at Digital Cruise providing Digital Marketing Course in Delhi under the guidance of Mr Kapil Heera, with a motto to educate people about Digital Marketing aspects like -SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click Advertisement) which is also called SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Blogging and many more things.

Digital Cruise is one of the best & oldest Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi that covers 25 Core Modules of Digital Marketing. We're in Digital Marketing Industry since 2008 and already served more than 700 happy clients and 1500 Students. So you have a chance to join a trusted company. you can come to our institute for a free demo before you join the course. It's absolutely free and will give an exact idea about Digital Marketing and its future in India. you can see below the modules of Digital Marketing Course we're providing.

We'll cover around 25 Modules in our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi which is the highest in quantity. Our Digital Marketing Course Module details are below.

Let's Get Started With The Most Important Digital Marketing Strategies Below.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

The entire process of optimizing your site to ‘rank’ better in search results pages, as a result enhancing the level of organic (or free) traffic that the website obtains.

Content Marketing

The formation and advertising of content aspects for the true purpose of creating brand recognition, traffic growth, to generate leads, or customers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the ‘complete-channel’ way of  encouraging, converting, finishing, and delighting consumers with online content.

Social Media

The training of advertising your brand name and your articles on social networking channels to improve brand awareness, generate traffic, and create leads for your needs.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

An approach of generating traffic to your site if you are paying an author each time your ad is clicked on. One of the more common kinds of PPC is Google AdWords.

Affiliate Marketing

A kind of efficiency-based marketing in which you get profit for advertising someone else’s services or products on your own website.

Native Promotion

Native promotion points to commercials which can be mainly content-led and presented on a platform together with another, non-paid content. BuzzFeed paid articles are an example, however, many people also think about social media marketing advertising to be ‘native’  -- for instance, Facebook promotion and Instagram promotion.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation relates to the program that occurs utilizing the objective of automating promoting actions. Many advertising departments need certainly to automate similar activities such as for example emails, social networking, along with other website activities.

E-mail Marketing

Organizations use marketing with email as an easy way of chatting with their viewers. Email is actually used to market content, discounts and events, along with  drive people to the business’ website.

Online PR

Online PR could be the training of securing acquired online coverage with digital journals, blogs, along with other content-dependent websites. It’s a lot like traditional PR, however in the web space.

Main Advantages Of Digital Marketing?

Compared with most offline advertising initiatives, digital marketing enables marketers to notice precise leads to real time. In the event that you’ve actually put an advertisement in a newspaper, you’ll discover how complicated it really is to calculate just how many people really switched compared to that page and taken notice of your ad. There is no guaranteed solution to determine if that advertisement was in charge of any sales after all.

Having said that, with digital marketing, it is possible to gauge the ROI of just about any facet of your marketing initiatives.

Here are a few examples:

Site Traffic

Using digital marketing, you can observe the precise amount of people who possess looked at your website’s home-page in real time making use of digital statistics software like HubSpot. You may want to observe how various pages they checked out, what device these were using, and exactly where they originated in, within other digital analytics information.

This intelligence enables you to focus on which marketing networks to invest just about time on, on the basis of the number of individuals those networks are operating to your internet site. For instance, if only 10% of the traffic is originating through organic search, you realize which you probably have to spend time on SEO to boost that amount.

Using offline marketing, it is very hard to inform how individuals are getting together with your brand name before they usually have an conversation with a salesman or make a purchase. Using digital marketing, you are able to recognize movements and patterns in people’s attitude before they’ve came to the ultimate phase in their buyer’s venture, indicating you possibly can make more updated judgements on how to lure them to your internet site right near the top of the marketing channel.

Content Performance and Lead Generation

Consider you’ve developed an item pamphlet and published it by using people’s letterboxes -- that pamphlet is a type of content, although offline. The issue is  you have no clue exactly how many individuals showed your pamphlet or just how many people threw it directly into the garbage.

Then visualize you had that pamphlet in your website instead. You can easily determine how many people watched the page where it is hosted, and you may obtain the contact information of the who install it simply by using forms. You can not only measure what amount of folks are engaging together with your content, but you’re also creating capable leads when individuals install it.

Attribution Modeling

A highly effective digital online strategy combined with ideal tools and technologies enables you to track your entire sales back into a customer’s initial digital touchpoint along with your business. We name this ascription model, and it also enables you to recognize trends in how people study and get your product or service, assisting you to make more well-informed judgements in what areas of your online strategy need more interest, and what elements of the sales cycle need polishing.

Linking the dots around advertising and sales is greatly significant -- in accordance with Aberdeen Group, organizations with powerful sales and marketing alignment attain a 20% annual development rate, in comparison to a 4% drop in revenue for organizations with bad alignment. When you can enhance your customer's’ experience through the buying cycle making use of digital technology, then it is more likely to exhibit positively in your business’s bottom shape.

Do I Want a huge Plan For Digital Marketing?

Just like something, it certainly varies according to what aspects of digital marketing you’re searching to enhance your technique.

Assuming you have an internet site, if you’re concentrating on inbound strategies like SEO, social media marketing, and article marketing then your great news is you don’t require very much finances after all. With inbound advertising, the key highlight is on making top quality content that the audience would want to consume, which except if you’re about to outsource the job, the actual only real investment you’ll want will be your time.

With outbound strategies like internet marketing and purchasing mailing lists, there is certainly definitely some expenditure. What it will cost you boils down from what form of visibility you intend to receive because of the advertising.

For instance, to make usage of PPC having Google AdWords, you’ll place a bid against other programs in your business to seem towards the top of Google’s search engine results for keywords connected with your organization. With respect to the competitiveness of this keyword, this could be moderately affordable, or very costly, which explains why it is smart to concentrate creating your organic reach, too.

I am Prepared to test Digital Marketing. So What Now?

If you’re currently carrying out digital marketing, it is probably that you’re at the least achieving some segments of the audience online. Without doubt you are able to think about some regions of your approach which could use just a little enhancement, though.

Big Difficulties of Digital Marketing

Increased Risk Of Security

Much more info is shared online, there clearly was a lot more inducement for hackers to get techniques for getting throughout your security.

We purchase online, settle payments, submit applications with personal information, order copies of your birth certificates as well as other important documents, and more. That’s a gem trove of information for intruders.

You could curently have security for the website, such as for instance a beneficial firewall, HTTPS encryption and perhaps even a beneficial antivirus program. But you’ll require more. Make use of a beneficial security team to recognize the weaknesses for the websites also to generate procedures to lessen risk.

Cluttered Market

You will find vast amounts of websites in a small amount of niches. How are you going to create your website position out among the rest?

SEO is simply one method to assist you to rise into the top, however it is not sufficient. You must find how to offer unique and useful content, you need an authentic voice, along with to activate people.

Everything had been done, so there’s no used in attempting to recreate the wheel. You can’t be extravagant or goofy for the reason that it bar has already been too much. It's the same for surprising or controversial.

Rather, concentrate on providing your readers whatever they actually need. Offer them answers to their issues. Speak about the items they worry about. Make sentimental appeals.

Advisable for you personally

Less Attention on Keywords

In past times, keywords happened to be the bread and butter of SEO.

Find the appropriate keywords and employ them in the correct manner along with your site could shoot towards the top of search engine results, assisting you have more traffic and exposure.

Along with of Google’s algorithm changes, keywords have grown to be less significant. These are generally still used, however they are not the main focus. Rather, Google crawls your website to obtain a feeling of the general tone and scope. It’s a relevant strategy as opposed to seek and locate.

Which means you'll want to use keyword phrases instead of keywords and therefore you ought to develop content around subjects instead of writing a blog post for every keyword you wish to target. Create your site a reference for the expression or question you may be targeting and you may see results.

More Ad Blockers

The utilization of ad blocking software program is increasing tremendously, in addition to folks who are staying away from them will undoubtedly be when you look at the minority.

That displays a large concern for marketers, who can have a difficult time getting visitors to even see their ads, aside from to behave on it.

Native marketing is growing as the utmost effective solution at this time, such as sponsored blog posts, reviews and mentions. Purpose-based native marketing can help marketers get much more results as it improves targeting to ensure the proper consumers are watching the ads.

Increased Ad Costs

The best advertising will allow you to have the exposure you want, but you’re going to need to pay more for this in 2017.

There is certainly more competition than ever before to promote, and networks like Google and Facebook are driving up prices throughout the board. For competitive markets, you’ll have to pay for much more this present year.

Be sure that you’re having your money’s worth by creating the greatest ads and putting them from the right networks. Making use of an automated program like In-feed may take the guesswork from the jawhorse and make certain that you will get the placement you'll need for optimum ROI.

Despite having smartly chosen options, you’ll yet have to put more cash in the direction of promoting in 2017. Begin looking at your allowance now to see where things may be moved.

Digital marketers will usually face difficulties, but understanding about modifications and developing new techniques makes it possible to overcome them. The changes supposed for 2017 are included in an evolution, it is therefore essential that you think long-term regarding how your techniques can help you achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi Overview

Digital Marketing Overview

In this module we'll see what is Digital Marketing & How we can best use of Digital Marketing to promote our products and services online. We'll also see how Digital Marketing help us to earn money online through various online platforms like Blogging, Adsense and Affiliates.

Web Designing

Our second module is basic Website Designing and in this module you'll learn designing websites using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap based templates and will also learn how to upload and download a website from a live server (i.e. How to make a live website.)

seo course delhi

Search Engine Optimization

In the Digital Marketing Course, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the Most Important part of Digital Marketing Industry. We use SEO to promote our website in all major search engines like Google and Yahoo. In this module we'll cover all the basic and advance strategies and techniques of Search Engine Optimization. We'll how to get top rank in Google for our online ventures.

Content Marketing

Content is very important in terms with Digital Marketing. If you're serious with your online business then must know about content writing & marketing. In this Digital Marketing Course we will also learn how to create unique and User friendly content for website. We'll learn what are the major factors of content marketing, what are the major guidelines of Google and Yahoo related to content and How to write Search Engine Friendly Content and how to make it viral among Search Engines and Social Networking sites.

search engine marketing training in delhi

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is also called Paid Marketing (Pay Per Click or Pay Per Thousand Impressions). SEM is also a great technique of Digital Marketing and can give you thousands of targeted visitors everyday on your website. In this module we'll learn How to create different types of paid advertisements like Text Advertisements, Display Advertisements and Video Advertisements.

Social Media

Social Media Optimization is all about promoting our business through various social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube. These sites can bring us a huge amount of traffic and Nowadays social media presence of your business is very important to get in touch with your clients and subscribers. In this module we'll learn how to make professional social media pages and how to increase fans and likes and how to generate queries from social networks.

learn blogging in noida

Professional Blogging

Blogging today is one of the best ways to earn money from home. We can earn a huge amount of money and a handsome living with the help of blogging and can make it a full time job. In this module we'll see how to blog using world's best blogging platform -Wordpress and how to setup a professional blog and how to drive massive amount of traffic on it?

Google Adsense Course in noida

Google Adsense

Google Ad sense is a monetization platform which is widely used by professional bloggers to earn money from their blogs. We can earn lots of money through Google Adsense if we're applying best monetization strategies to our blog. In this module we'll learn how to use Adsense in a way so that we can earn maximum through it.

Affiliates Marketing course in noida

Affiliates Marketing

Affiliates Marketing is an another way to monetize our blog. We can earn by just recommending other companies products on our blog. Affiliates Marketing is a way to earn money through commissions by selling products through our blog. In this module we'll learn how to monetize our blog with Affiliates and how to make it on professional level.

Email marketing course in Noida

Email Marketing

Email Marketing -The another best thing in Digital Marketing Course. Email Marketing is very much capable to send us a huge amount of traffic at our website and is able to make more conversions. In this module of Digital Marketing Course we'll learn how to collect relevant Email Id Database and how to create professional Email Marketing Campaigns which can convert maximum sales.

Mobile Marketing in digital marketing course in Noida.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a traditional way of Digital Marketing and is quite effective and we can easily make conversions through mobile numbers. This module will teach you how we can generate mobile numbers database, how we can use that database to get maximum exposure from our Digital Marketing Campaigns and how we can use our computer to send thousand of SMS instantly.

learn to improve online reputation

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is very important for every online business and if you want to sustain in today's Digital Marketing industry then you must know about the all aspects of Online Reputation Management. This module of our Digital Marketing Course will help you to make a healthy online reputation for your online business ventures. ORM is completely based on creating positive client reviews.

Google search console with best and affordable digital marketing course in Noida.

Google Webmaster Tools

GWT or Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool from the house of Google which help us to track the performance of our website in Google Search. We can track each and everything about our site and can implement best strategies to get best results from SERP. In this module we'll learn how to use Google Webmaster Tools to improve the health of our website in Google and other major search engines.

Keyword research Google keyword planner in digital Marketing Course in Noida.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planer is an another tool of Google which help us to track the appropriate keywords for website. Keywords plays most important role in Digital Marketing and especially in search engine optimization. In this module we'll learn how to use Google Keyword planner to research keywords and  to make a best campaign of Digital Marketing for our website.

learn google analytics with our digital marketing course in Noida

Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics Tool is one of the best tools to analyze the traffic coming to our site. It's a free tool from Google and we can analyze our traffic details like traffic count, traffic sources, Geo locations and much more.

learn freelancing in digital marketing course in noida


At the last of our Digital Marketing Course we'll learn about freelancing. This module will cover each and every aspect of Freelancing and you'll learn how to get projects through internet and how to be a successful Freelancer, Entrepreneur or a successful Digital Marketing Expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Q. Who can Join this Digital (Internet) Marketing Course?

Ans. Anyone (Student, Job Professional, Business owner or retired) can easily join the Digital Marketing course.

Q. What is the eligibility criteria to join the Digital (Internet) Marketing course?

Ans. You can Join the Digital Marketing Course if You have successfully completed 10+2 and in other cases you can contact us.

Q. What is the fee to join Digital (Internet) Marketing Course?

Ans. It’s just 15000.00 INR.

Q. How I can pay the Digital (Internet) Marketing Course Fee?

Ans. You can pay through check and Cash.

Q. Can I make Installment of my Digital (Internet) Marketing Course Fee?

Ans. Yes You can pay in two Installments.

Q. Where is your Digital (Internet) Marketing Institute located?

Ans. Our Digital Marketing Institute is located in East Delhi near Nirman Vihar Metro Station. You can get the contact details in Contact us section or simply make a call at 9990716846 or 9990128280.

Q. Do You have any other branches?

Ans. No, we have only one branch in East Delhi.

Q. How old your Digital (Internet) Marketing institute is?

Ans. Our Digital Marketing Institute was established in early 2008. It’s one of the oldest Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi.

Q. If I miss some Classes or Topics, can I cover them again?

Ans. Yes, You can cover them again at zero cost. You just need to confirm our coordinator about your missed classes.

Q. What about the timings for Digital Marketing Course?

Ans. Timings are flexible. You can contact us for more.

Q. What are the batches options you have?

Ans. We have regular, Alternate, Weekends and Sunday Batch system for Digital Marketing Training.

Q. What about after Course Support?

Ans. After Completion the Digital Marketing Course we provide support to our students in two forms, either they can come to us for their query or they can also subscribe our blog to get latest news of Digital Marketing Industry.

Q. Do you provide job assistance after completion of this course?

Ans. Yes, after successfully completion of the Digital Marketing Course you’ll get 100% placement assistance.

Hopefully all of your queries has been sort out. If you think you have more queries then you can make a call at 9990716846, 9990128280, Where our Digital Marketing Expert will solve your queries or can also come to our institute for a free Demo of Digital Marketing Course.

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“I have just finished my digital marketing Course in Delhi at Digital Cruise and without any hesitation I can say that Digital Cruise is one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi and its courses suit anybody from any background as you will be taught about the firsthand knowledge on how to use the digital marketing techniques in your field and what you can gain out of it.
HBF India
“I have recently completed Digital Marketing Training In Delhi at Digital Cruise that is one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi and I like the choice of courses provided by them according to my requirements. With my learning experience, I found out that the quality of the material taught was current and present industry based. The best part about the course was that the entire course was broken into specific modules suitable for me, which helped me in getting the better clarification about the many different areas, where digital marketing exists”.
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“Digital Cruise has happened to me as one of the finest educational and professional experience in my career. The lectures were very interactive and were always set upon with real life examples. Other great things I liked here was all the questions were heard patiently and well answered, and batch timings were really suitable, where I had the choice to study in weekdays on different timings or on the weekends”.
K. Shrivastava
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“When I decided to undertake the digital marketing training in Delhi, I was a little confused and blurred with the thoughts about the success and benefits of the course till I joined it. However, soon after I started out I realized I have made the right decision of joining the Digital Cruise as the courses are pretty well organized here and I was trained very well. My work always comprises of developing and designing the ad campaigns and marketing strategies and this course has provided me a deep understanding in relating my work with various digital marketing techniques and increasing my productivity”.
Prashant Sharma

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