Different but Effective Link Building Methods

Selecting the right keywords

I’ve previously posted an article about how to use keywords for maximum seo results ,so, keywords are very important when you are trying to optimize your site.To choose the right keywords , you can follow those tips :
-You’ll want to think about who is your target audience, and what the primary focus of your website will be
-Jot down a list of words and phrases that you think people might type into search engines when looking for your site.
-Each page on your site should have one to three related keyword phrases that are site-specific.
-Your keywords should be used throughout your site copy as well as in your title tag and various meta tags.link-building-tips

Keep posting quality content

As you know ,content is the king,not traffic.If you are posting quality content , on your blog you can built a comunity like a forum.If you want to post quality content , firstly you must post unique content.Content of an website is the most important fact in SEO.Having a good content you can get higher rankings in search engine results that a website with a poor content that includes only images or videos.

See what your competitors are doing and learn from them

If your competitors are practicing some effective SEO tehniques you can start begin to copy them.if you are using their tehniques , your results will be the same like their, and if you add some personal tehniques to your campaign, your blog will be higher ranked than their.You can use different ways to spy yout competitors : Inspecting Meta Tags with SEOBook.com’s SEO XRay Firefox plugin , inspecting their backlinks with Backlinkwatch.com,using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to get suggestions for keywords based on the URL.

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Optimize the title and H1 tag for your web pages

Ignoring title tags is a common error in SEO, so,optimizing title tags you can get ranked higher in search engine results.http://www.seocipher.com/basics/titletags.htm
It’s better to choose a niche keyword than a general one -If you are finding nice keywords for your blog , you can have the following advantages : Having low competitors in search engines,having high cost per click advertising rates on Google Ad words, having high chances to be ranked in first 10 results in Google.