Does Blog Commenting Help in Increasing Traffic to Blog

If you have been searching for blogging tips or have gone through some of the blogs that provide blogging tips, you would have surely come across the advice that you should include blog commenting in your daily task list. But does blog commenting really help in increasing the traffic to your blog?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. As a method of traffic generation, blog commenting ranks somewhere in the middle as it can bring a decent amount of traffic depending on the number of blog comments you’ve made and whether those comments added to the discussion in the article.

How to Comment Effectively

If you just go for volume and keep posting comments that make little or no sense, you’ll probably receive no traffic at all. Whereas if you post useful comments that add a new dimension to the discussion, you’ll keep getting continuous traffic from those comments over a long period of time. As an added advantage, such comments will add to your credibility as readers will realize that you a person whom they can trust, which means they you get loyal long term readers for your blog as well. However it is unreasonable to expect large number of visitors from blog commenting since older posts are visited by a lesser number of people and there are dozens of other comments as well.

However you should make sure that the blogs on which you are commenting should be related to your niche or the traffic from those comments would be almost nil. For example, if you have a blog on internet marketing, you should stick to blogs related to the IM niche and not start commenting on any wordpress blog you come across. Also you should not post too many comments and limit yourself to around 5-10 new comments everyday. Anything more than that and you’ll be wasting a lot of time everyday which you should utilize in doing other blogging related activities such as brainstorming titles or writing posts.

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To give you an example, when I first started blogging and read on many blogs that blog commenting works great for bringing traffic, I set myself a daily task of posting 5 comments on different blogs related to my niche. I worked hard at it and started commenting on 5 new blogs everyday, which eventually started to bring a decent amount of visitors to my blog everyday. To sum it up, blog commenting can be a good strategy both to bring targeted traffic to your blog and build links (especially if you comment on commentluv enabled blogs) and is especially recommended for new blogs since they are unlikely to get traffic from Google in their initial days.