Essential Internet Security Tips for Bloggers

There should be no excuse when it comes to Security. That will be my primary statement before starting any security related discussion. Here i am with an interesting title, to help fellow to know few security practices and make sure there is absolutely no excuse given in that. Security is always a complex field as it gets updated every second. Though there is no perfect security practices that can be followed to ensure 100% security, we can atleast follow some updated concepts and continue further the same to prevent from cyber attacks.

Tip #1: Have you Understood your Operating System and Software You Use ?

Operating System is your everything. Being a blogger you are not at all a beginner user when it comes to computers. You may blog about niches that are not related to technology, still it is highly important to understand your operating system very well. OS is the base for your entire business and Dream that you have setup and work on it every day when you wake up. So spend some time every day to learn about the OS that you are using, through official resources, documentation and video tutorials in Youtube and so on. If you are using Microsoft Windows, then do know the list of applications that you are running on your computer and double check there are no surprising hidden applications running as backdoors in it.

Hackers are always +2 times smarter than the software you are using. Software has limitations and it always needs updates to prevent it from future attacks. Hackers take various resources, guides and help lines to crack down the security built in place.

  • Dont use multiple antivirus software as you may feel that it can provide 3 or 4 layer of security.
  • When you use more than one antivirus or internet security software, than both stops functioning at certain point or crash your OS without any doubt.
  • Always Install software that you have downloaded from their official websites, and make sure they have Trusted and Verified Sign in it.
  • Downloading some expensive software from Warez, Free Download providing sites may save you some money, but that is the big opportunity for Hackers to inject malicious codes and spyware tools in it. We easily fall for it, and they know it.
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Tip #2: Kill Piracy before it Kills Your Blogging Career

Blogging requires an high stable platform without any compromise to system Reliability and Security. If you are missing out the points in terms of security, then it leads to various other problems easily. So avoid using Pirated software, Pirated Operating System and so on.

You can always use Open Source operating systems like Ubuntu OS, Open SUSE and Fedora to ensure TOP Security and Availability without any expenses. And do find some free alternatives for paid software if you like to use some designing software. Purchase the software that you need when you made some income from your blog. Remember, investment is always the smart choice that you can make to keep the income constant from your Blog.

Using Pirated software and OS is the best way to keep your entire system with full of outdated software, and you are opening the doors to let hackers sniff and hijack your computer easily. Updates plays important roles in fixing up many loopholes that the software has initially come up with.

Tip #3: Ensure your Hosting Provider is Active and Updating Software Packages

Your website hosted server should have updated software packages and you must verify it at times. PHP, Perl, cPanel and any other software provided by your hosting provider by default in the server should receive regular updates, and missing that leads to server related security issues and Hackers can take advantage of that too. So choose some famous hosting provider to let them manage your server automatically.

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Tip #4: Update your Scripts that you have Installed

Apart from server packages, it is highly important for you to consider checking whether any updates received for the scripts that you have installed. If you have multiple blogs or some special scripts running in various folders of your website, then do check for updates every month, atleast once. Eg: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Statistics etc.,

Tip #5: Use Best Antivirus or Internet Security

Finally, if you are using Windows Operating system, then you can find plenty of choices in getting an antivirus or internet security software, but consider some points like

  • it is getting every day updates
  • not has so many complaints about crashing windows os
  • got some good number of positive user ratings and reviews
  • has some built-in features to protect against various cyber attacks (anti-spyware,anti-banner,firewall and parental control)

Just Google for review always before purchasing a software, and Trust me, you cannot really SAVE BIG Cash by choosing some cheap security in Internet. So spend something reasonable and that gives high value to protect you and your family against the increasing Cyber Attacks, Data Theft and Data Loss. Have a safe and secure Blogging Experience.