Google Drive – Why It Is Not Special For You

Many of us have been waiting anxiously to get a look at Google’s new service of file storage and syncing.  With the dribble of leaked information that has taken place over the past few weeks, a pretty good picture could be formed of what exactly Google Drive would be.   The part of the service that struck people most was a statement concerning files uploaded.  Within the documentation, Google mentions that by using the service, owners retain their rights to files, but Google would have the ability to access the files for information to be used for things such as marketing. Now that Google Drive has hit the streets, it will be interesting to see if the negative opinions concerning the service remain and if they have an impact.


What is Google Drive?

If you happen to be one of the few people who haven’t heard about Google Drive, a brief explanation might be helpful.  You can regard Google Drive as a type of file system which not only supports Google Docs but also integrates other services provided by Google.   5GB storage is available at no cost.  The least expensive paid plan costs $2.49 per month and offers 25GB, which also applies to your Gmail inbox size.  $4.99 per month earns 100 GB. There are plans going up to 16 TB at a cost of $800 each month.  10GB is the maximum allowance for file size.  Drive is set to become a regular element of the Google Apps for business use with identical security assurances.  The revised edition of Chrome OS will have Drive for its system for files.

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Why the Long Wait?

Rumors about Google Drive have been floating around for quite a while.  So it is natural to wonder why it took Google so long to release Drive.  According to administration as Google, the elements necessary for Drive were not in place until now.  Whether or not, the comment strikes you as valid or not had little relevance.  Google Drive is here.  So the question now becomes was Drive worth the wait.

Will Drive work for me?

Regular users Google Docs and Gmail will quite certainly find that Drive suits them well.   That being said, Google Drive launches with some terrific features.  Space within this brief article does not allow an           in-depth exploration of Google Drive.  It is worth your time to explore these features on your own to see if they appeal to you.

As far as the concerns that users may have about allowing Google to access our files, only time will tell whether the features and benefits of Google Drive outweighs the security issues.  Many users are thus far not being won over by Google Drive.  Revisions to the service seem likely to come.  However, at this time, Google Drive is free to access all of the contents found within your files.   While the data remains under the control of users, the data can be utilized for targeting ads to specific groups.  If that is something you can live with, take a Google Drive.  Otherwise, wait a bit to see if things change and then decide if Google Drive is special .