How to find freelance work?

As we move deeper into the digital employment generation, freelance work is becoming more prevalent for busy mothers who must remain home for children, physically disabled yet bright-minded professionals and those whom are ridden by exponential gas price increases. Sure, millions of experienced freelancing professionals are vying for 50,000 positions daily, and some may never obtain this prestigious employment opportunity; this is just one of the hard truths about freelance work that we must be prepared for when seeking to deploy programming, copywriting or sales skills from out dining room tables.  How, then, does one find freelance work so easily? We’ll give you a brief synapsis of this employment quandary and how thousands of new freelance employees are matched everyday.


Searching the web

For starters, people who wish to perform work without cubicles or walls surrounding them must understand enough about internet searching to find what they are looking for.  They must also understand enough about freelance work to know several platforms like Elance or Odesk exist and act as an ‘employment consortium’ that warehouses freelance work, pays the clients through an innovative escrow system and offers disputing solutions in-house rather than taking each other to small claims court.  In any case, searching the web is preferred method of finding freelance job listings if you prefer to get paid through different methods than these platforms suggest.  Having access to a freelance marketplace definitely makes getting future work ten times easier than dealing with somebody off Craigslist or some clandestine freelance site.

Word of mouth

For many individuals with large social circles, friends can be an excellent source of finding freelance employment throughout.  By simply discussing your desires, experience and related goals with friends, and friends-of-friends, you’ll find the methodology commonly used to procure employment that is consistent, good paying and rewarding emotionally.  Simply keep yourself engaged with your social media contacts who already write poetry, proofread dissertations or even write blog articles to find these employment platforms.

Do Check  Blogging With Authority


Customers that have been serviced before can be a powerful voice, especially if their network is expansive.  Tapping into their network for your freelance work propagation can only happen if you’ve been excellent to these clients; therefore, keeping a portfolio of local clients you’ve freelanced for and perhaps asking for a hand-written or at least typed testimonial will further assist your future freelancing searches.  Having third-party references for freelancing jobs you’ve done before becomes more powerful than college degrees when seeking current freelance jobs.

Companies force freelancing onto employees

Sometimes employers simply want your current job to become home-based because of whatever reason.  This could be to cut health benefits down, save on workspaces which can be used to do something else productive or whatever reason is conjured.  Should you wish to decline working from home, you may as well hit the employment line; if you’re truly interested in knowing your worth as a freelancer, you could simply accept the job and try it for several months.  If you dislike it, find an office job.  If you love it, consider expanding your horizons by working on side projects when your company-paid days are done with.

How will I find freelance work?

You will find freelance work through persistent searching, perfection in your chosen niche or field and understanding where freelancing skills are most needed.  Platform-based freelance portals are best if you want your pay conglomerated weekly, need job security and want dispute resolution handled quickly.  Elance, Odesk, Guru and Freelancer are the best freelance platforms around.  Start there.