How to get backlinks?

Backlinks are very important for your Search Engine Optimization (What is SEO?). It will help your to reach the first results in search engines. In addition, links can bring you direct visitors.
I advise you to wait several months after the launching of the website before trying to get backlinks, otherwise you may be penalized by search engines.


Create original content

This is probably the most important advice I will give you. Why will other webmasters make you links if your content is already present on other sites? The writing style is also important, try to put humor in your articles and they will be more easily shared on social networks. Some subjects naturally provide more links, here you have the list:

  • A long article is more likely to get links as a short article. Try to make articles with a minimum of 200 words.
  • Create a page like 10 things to do, this page will get more easily links.
  • See Annual Report of Google or Yahoo on the keywords most often given in queries.
  • Instead, the subjects you’re the only ones talking necessarily bring you links.
  • If you can, create statistics on a subject of general interest.
  • Make a survey.
  • Be the only one who speaks about a subject.

Attract webmasters

If you have visitors, it’s great, but they do not make links and do not make you known by other visitors. The best way to attract webmasters on your sites is to create content which may concern them. For example, my article designed to help you in your search of links… We must not hesitate to propose the html code of the link at the end of the article, like that:

If you like my article, please make a link: <a href=””>How to get backlinks?</a>.

One of the best methods to attract webmasters is to make dofollow comments, if you apply this, they will follow you, make links, share and comment your articles.

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Article marketing

Links in an article is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. At the beginning of a site, it may be little known, test marketing articles. They have a double effect: they grow your audience and improve your SEO. Some examples of sites that accept articles marketing:

  • Goarticles, a site specializing in marketing articles. It has a good reputation on the internet and a good audience.
  • Articlecity, a site with a good pagerank, which has a large database of articles.
  • Ezinearticle, a website with extremely used with a good ranking on Google and Bing.

Make link exchange

Link exchanges are good way to get backlinks easily and quickly. But they must be inserted in an adapted article, here are the three main criteria:

  • An article on the same subject as yours.
  • Inserted in a context appropriate.
  • On the top of the page.
  • In a page with few external links.

Directories for websites

Directories are often free… The best directories are often those that limit the number of characters for summaries of sites, for example: a minimum of 200 characters. It is also preferable to select directories on a similar topic to yours. Here are the main directories (if you want more information go to: best-web-directories):

  • Dmoz, a pagerank of 7, lots of categories.
  • Txtlinks, a pagerank of 4, a paid directory.
  • Theseoking, a pagerank of 4, a established since 2005.

Comment on other websites

Comment on other sites on the same topic as you can bring you many backlinks. Be careful, some blogs use nofollow links in their comments. This is why I prepared a selection of “dofollow” blog, you can find more information on this directory : followlist. Here you have four of best blogs for posting comments with good pagerank:

  1. Designlenta, a design blog with a pagerank of 5. This blog is also available in Russian.
  2. ITCtrends, a blog about blogging with a pagerank of 4. You can find some SEO tips and tricks on this blog.
  3. Memwg, a blog about adsense and google with a pagerank of 4.
  4. Retirment-income, a money blog with a pagerank of 4.
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Social Media

Another good way to get backlinks is publishing your articles on social networks. Even if these links are nofollow, they are taken into account by search engine. Here is a list of popular social networks:

  • Pinterest – a dofollow social network about images.
  • Twitter – a micro-blogging service. Learn more on this page: what is twitter?.
  • Google Plus – a social network linked with Google results, it can be very interessant for SEO.
  • Facebook – talk and share with your friends. Learn more on this page: what is Facebook?.
  • Linkedin – a professional social networks.

Make a buzz

This is the best way to get backlinks quickly. However, the obtained backlinks are often not well optimized for the search engine optimisation. A video of a naked star can easily explode your server. Here are some ideas to make a buzz:

  • Make a flash game. If the game is extraordinary, people will love it and will make a link to it.
  • Make a delirious video and publish it on your site. Then publish it on social networks.
  • Talk about a hot topic and make a controversy.
  • If you have other ideas, you can publish a comment…


The Digg-Like are platforms that allow you to share and find quality web pages. Each time a page is added, the members of the Digg-Like community can vote for this webpage if it is interesting. The most popular links can earn significantly more visible when they met on the home page, most of them are dofollow.

Guest posts

Guest blogging consists of publishing articles on other blogs/websites with a link to your website. The main default of it that this method takes time. However, it is very effective because of the quality of the links, this quality depends on where your publish your articles.