How to know if Blogging is Right for You?

Just came to know about the word ‘blogging’ from Internet, your friend or any other source, and are now

thinking to be a part of the same? Well, just take a look at the no. of blogs and those who are


successful, you will surely get scared by the low success rate in blogging. There are many people who enter into the field of blogging with good hopes, but all don’t become successful bloggers. So it is very necessary to know that whether blogging is right for you or not? You are the only person who can answer it. This is must to know as you will not get anything after lots of hard work, if blogging is not right for you. Here’s how you can know if blogging is right for you or not.

Passion matters the most

The success in blogging depends on the fact that how passionate you are about this. Many people start blogging just by following others. Yeah, copy-cats in habits. This poor step may work in other fields, but cannot in blogging. This ever growing field needs passion. This is what you cannot copy from any person.


After the passion, your patience decides your career in blogging. If you have the guts to wait for the things, and can wait for your efforts to bring results, then you are welcome in blogging. If you cannot, then you may join the blogging, bu the possibility is at its peak that you will leave this virtual world soon.

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Are you Money-Minded ?

Being a blogger, I admit that I also blog to make money. That’s important part. But there is huge difference between blogging for money and blogging for ‘only’ money. The people who follow the latter case, should not join the field of blogging. I am not saying that there is not any money in blogging. There is hell lot of money there, but before stepping in this virtual world, keep in mind that the money will take time to find a way to your pocket. It may also happen that it does not come. In fact, it depends on your blogging strategies and hard work only.

You must be punctual

Another important characteristic that you need to have in you is punctuality. You must be punctual as the people who perform the things on time, go long in the blogging. Such persons earn the tag of professional bloggers. If you also want to be the same, then try to do the things at time. The best way for achieving the punctuality is by making a time-table and then writing down the tasks that you will be performing daily.

Well, blogging is no doubt, a good way to make money online, and can turn into your regular work as well, but one sad point is that it is not for everyone. Make sure to enter in it only if it suits you.

One thought on “How to know if Blogging is Right for You?

  1. The only thing I lack is punctuality 😉 …I write articles for few months then go on a hybernate mode. This is the biggest problem..I am bit lazy person but have strong will, which helps me in going further without giving up.

    I believe girls are more punctual than boys .and also I have noticed punctual people achieve more in life than smart lazy people 🙂

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