How to Locate Niche Followers for Your Blog and Reap Long Term Profits

As beginner entrepreneurs we all search for a niche which will be able to maintain a good following for many years to come. That is the ideal, and finding such a market is a huge challenge. Then we worry with all the changes if our market will hold strong. The truth is no matter how strong a following you have in the beginning, that audience will swell and shrink with changing times and it is a challenge to keep up with it.

How to Get Niche Followers

Every niche will have problems but there are some audiences which maintain greater profitability than others. In this article I’ve listed 5 core traits of a profitable niche which may be helpful to you.

1. The Bigger the Audience the Better!

It’s true that you can have a solid business with only a tiny (say 1000) audience. But to be profitable, you must sell more or higher dollar products; so to be viable with lower cost items, the bigger the Audience, the better.

2. An Audience Actually Looking for Solutions

An ideal following is one which has a problem and looks for solutions on your site.

3. Emotionally Involved in Seeking Solutions

You might think only a few purchases are derived from people emotionally seeking solutions to their problems. But the truth is, almost all purchases come about because of emotional need of some sort or other. Emotions play a larger part in our everyday lives than you think and this includes most of our purchasing decisions.

4. Are Willing to Open the Wallet for Solutions to Their Problems

As previously stated all niche audiences have problems and challenges. But all groups are not able or willing to spend hard earned money to make the problems disappear. Let me illustrate by sharing my first website experience with you. It was a directory of government grants for homeowners. That site got the attention of many senior citizens, many on pensions and with little extra income. So the best I could derive from that site was to use Adsense to monetize it because that niche audience was not able to spend money on their problems.

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5. Are Presently Underserved by the Market

It’s difficult to believe that in today’s market there are some niche audiences not being well served by marketers. When you think about it, don’t you often go online to find something and not been able to find any think constructive at all?

And last but not least, one last tip you might find profitable…

A lot of internet marketers use the number of pay-per-click ads to assess a market. They Google for key-phrases and when Google shows a small number of paid ads, they assume there is no market in that niche.

Many gurus advise against going into a market which only has a few PPC advertisers because you can’t make money in that market. But that logic doesn’t always work. I am currently making profits by serving a niche with very few advertisers.

The wisest way to assess the market in a particular niche is to assess the number of searches made with tools like Google Keyword Tool and not number the ads.