How To Make Moolah With Facebook

I want to quickly touch up on a question here, which is How To Make Money with Facebook?

The reason why I want to write this article is because I was in a forum the other day and some newbie asked this question. The responses to this question were absolutely ridiculous. Out of the twenty responses there was only one answer that was decent. The rest of the answers were from people attempting to spam the forum to get traffic to their offers.

So basically I just want to bring clarity to that question.

I believe there many ways to make money with Facebook. However, I believe there are three main specific ways in which this is done.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard this quote before especially if you are in the information marketing niche; “The money is in the list.” You can build a data base with Facebook.


The second method is to send traffic from Facebook to your sales page. Using Facebook’s ad network you can push tons of traffic from the site to your offers.

The third way is to use third party applications. Obviously building a list is the number one way to generate income with Facebook because you are building a data base. The way to go about that is to build a Facebook page. Now I’m not referring to your personal profile, which is the social side to Facebook. I’m talking about the business side to Facebook, which is to create a Facebook page. The actual term being used right now is LIKE pages. There is not really a correct vernacular to use. You could say Like pages or Fan pages. You build a Facebook page you build the fans and you get them to subscribe to your email list. Or you could encourage them to option with their phone number but it all depends on the niche you are in.

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I’m sure you get the idea of building a list.

Now sending traffic to sales page using the Facebook ads network is risky business especially when your spending large amounts on it. Again this is a direct approach. You need a personal profile in order to create an ad using their network. Once you create an ad you can send the traffic to your sales page. Obviously it will be more expensive because Facebook don’t appreciate users sending traffic outside of the site. Therefore I suggest you build a Facebook page and send the traffic there. You will need to embed your sales page within your Facebook page using an iframe to make this work.

Doing this kind of lead generation can be tricky. The conversion rates can be cold. In other words it can be really difficult to make it convert because it is known that people on Facebook are not prone to spend because they are not in a buying mode. So it not necessarily your sales copy it’s the user habit to purchase items.

The third point I made which is using third party apps work by allowing the user to become an affiliate. Two companies, which do this are and Ski Horizon. The apps are called Hotel with me and Ski with me. So if someone books a hotel reservation through the app on your Facebook page you will earn a commission for doing so.

Considering all the solutions I have stated the most effective way to make moolah using Facebook is I believe a combination of all three.

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Now using the combination of all three that would mean we would need to send traffic to sales page using the ad network. Also this traffic would need to be captured as well.

How could someone combine all three?

You would need to learn how to set up a Facebook ad, create a Facebook page and a customized application on your Facebook page. This customized page would have to be a squeeze page. When someone opts into your mailing list for your free gift the first page they should see before they get to your free gift download page is your OTO. This is known as One Time Offer. The benefits of this is that if the visitor does not buy there and then it’s not a bad thing. Because you have their email address and you can follow up at a later date. So clearly this is a win-win situation.

If you have anything to add to this I would love to get your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment below or comment on my Facebook page

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