How to Partner With Influences In Your Niche to Get More Social Shares

What Is Social Media And Why Should You Care?

If you’ve been living under a rock or you’re just catching up to speed in the 21st century, social media is the next big thing. I wouldn’t necessarily say next because it’s already here but popular social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Craigslist and other various sites all have one specific purpose for business owners and website masters.

People want to generate traffic, gather followers and retain those followers hopefully converting them into repeat long time customers. So how is this done?

Is it as easy as simply clicking a button and then the money will start flowing in?

I think we all wish it was that easy but then the entire world would be rich and by default we would all be average or poor. If you’re just starting out in internet marketing or you have no clue how to gain followers, you might want to consider partnering up or doing a joint venture to help you get your business or brand off the ground.


Why Should I Joint Venture Or Partner With Anyone?

The short answer would be so that you obtain more visitors to your website and gain more followers. However, one of the biggest trends in traffic we’re starting to see, are things being shared over Facebook. A lot of “Share This” type groups started popping up over Facebook and there’s a lot of “Like This Or Share it” type groups going on right now because of how Facebook is setup. Every time someone shares something, it’ll show up in all of your friend’s news feed as someone liking or sharing something. If someone’s interested, they might do the same and so on and so on. It can become an endless parade of shares and likes and you might end up with 300,000 likes and shares.

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Partnering up with someone allows you to put your product or services in front of their audience as well, hopefully obtaining some of their audience as well as keeping your own. but you need to remember Do’s and don’t of Social Media.

What Do They Get?

When it comes to affiliate marketing or making money from the internet, nothing is free. Your partner or JV will more than likely want something but you have to be reasonable.

50/50 Split – This is the most common method of a joint venture that people take when they help grow someone’s business whether it’s via e-mail or social media. Any money made from sales through a special tracking link or for a period of time is split 50/50 between the owner and the person who helped push traffic. Usually there’s special tracking links that are used for this purpose but it all depends on the situation.

Finding Relevant Partners

This is the most important part of finding a joint venture and finding someone to help share your business and gain more followers for you. They have to be relevant or at least in the same market you’re in. If you don’t find relevant people, then you’re just blindly trying to obtain followers which will only result in some random likes and clicks which usually doesn’t bring sales. Your conversion rate for sales will be far lower than if you were targeting relevant people.

How to Find Partners

Finding a partner isn’t necessarily hard but finding relevant and reliable partners might be a different story. Here are a couple of tips for finding partners in your market.

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#1 – Search Google for products in your market and look for sales pages set up for products in your market. Look for any form of contact or try to find who is behind the website. Then you can e-mail them and send them a proposition.

#2 – Remember, when e-mailing the potential client, they’re not looking to help you out so that you take some of their customers and business, they’re going to be looking for something as well in return. Remember that this is a two way street and you’re going to have offer something in return.

Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As long as people keep tweeting, sharing and liking, then social media is going to be the core of brand and business growth.


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