Importance of Generating Real Traffic To Your Website

In SEO, generating real traffic is one important ingredient in order to make it big in the mainstream. There are even some who will fake web traffic thinking that they can bypass search engine spiders. They never know that search engines are more advanced than us.

website traffic

Of course, they do not want any short cuts, loopholes or any form of magic being done in order to reach the number one spot. This would be against their rules and regulations that they have imposed.

The following are the reasons why is it important to generate real traffic to your website:

First is that real traffic boosts up your ranking on the search engines. The good thing about having real traffic getting into your website is that can add up plus points in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. When they see that a lot of people are visiting your website, staying there for longer than expected, it will be an advantage of your part. Also, when you reach 100,000 unique visitors or more monthly you are definitely in for a treat.

Second is that real traffic means real people who might become your potential customers. This is where real traffic will help you to monetize that traffic in the future. Who knows out of the 100,000 visitors you get monthly, you get 10 paid customers that ain’t bad right. How much more if you have more visitors monthly what would that mean? More money generated on your part.

Bottom line, when it comes to SEO it is all about generating as much real traffic as you can if you want to make sure that the future of the website you are promoting will be good. Do away with hiring people to give you fake traffic. This would bring your website down in just a matter of time. You will be just wasting time and money when you are going to use such technique.

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Before you even start looking around people to help you generate constant traffic to your website, it is highly recommended to engage in free methods so as to not waste a lot of money within the process. There are effective methods you can use like using social networking sites, blogs, submitting articles to article directories, among others. You can simply do all these and you can be assured of seeing results in few months’ time.

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