Internet Marketing – Secrets of the Masters

There are a select few internet marketers out there that are just absolutely crushing it – pulling in paydays that normal people would throw up at the mere thought of. These studs are able to pull of 5 and 6 figure launches like it’s no big deal, create incredibly loyal customers that will buy anything they put out, all while living a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

But what are their biggest secrets? What kinds of tips and tricks are they using that mere mortals like us aren’t?


The money is in the list

This may sound like Internet Marketing 101 to some of you, but the truth is that the money is always in the list. Always.

There is nothing more expensive than trying to persuade a complete stranger to stop what they’re doing and listen to you, begin to trust you, and then pull out their credit card and buy something from a person they’ve never met. And yet newbie internet marketers spend almost all of their time chasing these types of people – always looking for more and more traffic sources, how to get more clicks, how to get in front of more people when there is a gold mine sitting right in front of them. Talk about falling over dollars to chase dimes.

An email list gives you a massive leg up on any competition. You can instantly and at any time at all contact all of the people on your list with important information, relationship building stuff, and of course essentially free advertising. To targeted people. That you know have a record of buying your stuff.

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The money is always in the list.

Front end is nothing

Another thing that is plaguing internet marketing newbies is the failure to understand that the first sale is just sticking your toe in the water – it’s not the swan dive into the pool. The first product that you sell someone should never, ever be the only thing you sell them. Like we talked about earlier, getting someone to buy something the first time around is expensive, the back-end purchases are where all the money is.

Think of your front end offer as a first date. Let the customer get a feel for what you’re doing, what you’re all about, and what you bring to the table. Make it a reasonable entry point price, and always have something else to sell them.

Relationships are worth so much more

The faster you go from a faceless non entity sales letter to a real life, living and breathing human being to your customers, the faster you’re going to be able to create real relationships with them. And people hate being sold by companies, but are more than excited to buy from people they know and trust. Move from sleazy salesman to trusted friend and advisor as fast as you can with free information, cool updates, anything that doesn’t have a price tag and will help them out.

The faster you’re able to implement these strategies into your business, the faster you’re going to succeed. Pull away from the pack and all that low hanging fruit out there, and set yourself up to enjoy a lifestyle like the IM pros with these secrets and you can also go through an Internet Marketing Course to know In-Depth details of this industry.