SEO – The Optimizing Technique That Is Widely Used Today

SEO is an abbreviation for the term Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of improving the website or a webpage’s visibility, in order to get a natural or algorithmic search result on the search engines. This optimization is also includes other forms of targeted paid listings under Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

During mid 90’s, the content providers and the webmasters began optimizing of the websites for search engines, so that their sites could get cataloged or indexed with them. This would make their websites appear as results whenever somebody used search engines for finding information that is related to their businesses.

During the initial stages, the webmasters and content providers just had to submit the address of the WebPages or URL address to various search engines. They would, in turn send spiders or crawlers to that particular page.
Therefore the webmasters and the content providers used to create the contents that are closely based on the high density keywords that are normally used by the users in search-engines. The SEO is typically done the keywords that are closely related to their niche.

This helped the site owners to know the value of their websites which is directly correlated to the search engine rankings. This created opportunities for the both white hat and black hat SEO practitioners.

As a result, in 1997, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) term was introduced by an industry analyst.

Search engine optimization can be done through various channels such as image search, local search, news search, and video search. There also are industry or verticals specific search engines that offer excellent web presence to various sites.

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This optimization has to closely focus on the working of search engine algorithms, what people actually search for, the search terms that are typed into the search engines, and also those search engines that are preferred by majority audiences. The actual SEO may also involve editing of HTML and its content along with the coding.

The coding of SEO increases the relevance to specific keywords with the search engines. While working towards increasing the relevance, it also involves removal of unwanted barriers of indexing activities. The other found tactics of the optimizing search tools is to promote a site, which helps to increase the number of banklinks or the inbound links.

The initial term, search engine optimization, was adopted by a consultant industry that carried out the optimization projects on behalf of the clients. They trained their employees to perform optimization services in-house. Such industries also offer stand-alone service, because their services may require changes to the HTML code and its contents.

The services that are offered by the SEO can also be incorporated into the designing and development of a particular website wherein the menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping crafts, and also the other elements can be easily optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure.

The black hat SEO or spamdexing is considered as one among the class of techniques that commonly use certain methods such as link farms, keyword stuffing and also the article spinning. This has also led to the improvement of user-experience quality with the search engines, as they commonly look for sites employing black hat SEO techniques in order to remove them from their indices.

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This optimizing technique was improvised in many aspects from the year 1990, when it was introduced for the first time. The improvements are subjected to the demands and expectations of users. Most of the websites were designed only to search engine optimizing techniques, in order to improve the quality and clarity of the websites in the primary search engines.

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