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We have heard and read the term SEO, from many mouths and in many articles, blogs, informative materials etc. Its everywhere on the internet and everybody is talking about its applications and importance. So, what exactly is it? How does a layman sees SEO? Well, the answer is very simple. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization where in simple words it is a process which affects the visibility, ranking of a web page, in non paid results, of the search engine. SEO services seems to be very fruitful and a preferred option especially for the people who believe in organic growth, restricted with the financial budgets at the early stages of the career, those who have very good skills with content and the keywords and those who understand the importance of organic growth. Search Engine Optimization services apply on the search engine results, when the search keywords are related to your web pages. Now, SEO is a steady process where, you continuously have to work on your content and the keywords which can drastically improve your rankings in the search results and could help you bringing in some decent traffic which can generate some modest revenues for you. So, in the process of SEO, it is very important to take care of the content of your website and blog, where it should continuously be revived with fresh content to stay at top on search results. Now, getting in more detail, to simplify the equation, SEO services has been divided into ON PAGE and OFF Page. Where the on page works requires the precision work on your site and its web pages, a few of them as follows:

  • Proper title and descriptions .
  • A good URL Structure
  • Well described images, with their image names etc.
  • High quality fresh content.
  • Proper page fetching/crawling with Google

While off page requires your work out of the limits and the boundaries of your web pages. A few as follows:

  • Bookmarking
  • Back Links Building
  • Directory Submissions/forum submissions, article submissions etc.
  • Social Media

If the On Page and Off Page work has been done precisely, then achieving a good ranking on Google Search shouldn’t be a problem. SEO services can be done and practised by yourself, if you have a proper training but can also be done for you, by a third party company, who specializes in it. But recently Google has detected a large number of black hat strategies, conducted by some people, which on a short term seems fancy where the ranking of your website comes on top in search results in a very small span of time with a little effort. But in a long term, Google will eventually penalise your site and you could ended up with such a disaster where your website can be landed on very low ranking in search results. So, it is important to understand the process first and then you may choose to go for SEO Services with a peace of mind. After all, SEO has a great importance in digital marketing, where it will not be harsh to say that Digital Marketing is incomplete without SEO services.