Tips To Recover From A Blogger’s Block

Are you dreading the thought of coming up with another post for your blog? Is your blog full of virtual cobwebs? Do you seem to start your posts often with an apology that you have not written for some time? And there are days when you wished that you were able to churn out as many posts as you did when you started blogging.

Well, it sounds like you have blogger’s block. It is similar to writer’s block and simply means that you are unable to easily write a self-satisfactory post. Sure, you can still force yourself to come up with something but it may not be up to your standard and your readers would be able to sense it.

blogging block

But worry not, for there are ways to overcome this. I am going to share some tips that can help you re-discover the joy of writing. But first, let’s have a look at the two causes of blogger’s block. One, it could be that you have are having difficulty coming up with ideas for new posts. Second, it could be that you have just too many ideas that you do not know where to start. So, how do we overcome these?

Take A Break

Perhaps your mind is telling you that it’s tired. Do take a walk and smell the flowers. Have a change of environment and just enjoy the sights and sounds. Allow your mind to take a rest. Perhaps the inspiration will come then. Or even go on a vacation. A relaxing break is always good for the mind and body.

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Maybe it’s because of some family challenges or financial worry or business setbacks that is stressing you up? It is alright to take a hiatus from blogging until things are sorted or when you are calmer. Your readers will understand.

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Keep A Notebook Nearby

You cannot control when the ideas comes. So have a small notebook and a pen with you all the time and jot down whatever ideas that comes to mind. You will be amazed at how many ideas were “lost” just because we didn’t pen it down and later forgotten about them. Or if you have too many ideas, you could always use the notebook to organize your ideas when the inspiration strikes.

I know a blogger who brings his mobile phone with him everywhere he goes. And it not because he was worried about missed calls. He reasoned that he needed it to key in ideas, feelings and overheard conversations that comes to him.
Sometimes, we tend to spend too much time on our blogs and neglected to read, be it other blogs or printed materials. I don’t mean to say that it is wrong to pay more attention to our own blogs. In fact, we should since that’s the core for being a blogger. What I am suggesting is that we should also read more. You will be surprised at the things that you may learn or discover. It could a phrase you read or a discussion or a comment that sparkle a chain of thoughts and ideas for your own blog.

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Ask Readers What They Want

Don’t forget that blogging is an interactive activity. Ask your readers what they want to read. Try to learn what topics they would like to see on your blog. Or perhaps they wish that you change your writing style from informational to reviews type posts? Anyway, by doing so, you don’t have to squeeze your brain for ideas. And if you could solve a problem or answer some questions they have or teach a skill, your readers will appreciate your blog all the more.

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Blogger’s block can be quite scary, especially if you have deadlines to meet but the good news is that it can be treated. First you have to realize that you are having one. Then take a step back and look at the cause of the blogger’s block. I am pretty sure one of the tips above is able to help you “recover” from the block and rekindle your passion for blogging.

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