Top 3 SEO Companies in India | USA | UK: Which Can You Use?

SEO companies. Do you need them? Does your company need them? Can they help? Are they a waste of money? These may be the questions you have when you think about SEO companies. Many businesses have a department dedicated to the writing, linking and constructing of an SEO marketing campaign. Most companies won’t look any other direction beside internally to get their SEO written while some, on the other hand, will look for an easier process. From marketing companies to mom-and-pop stores to design studios to dealerships, there is a benefit for SEO; it just depends on the process to get it onto their website.

The top 3 SEO companies that can be found online after doing a search include:

SEO Moz: Page Rank 6 of 10
Raven Tools: Page Rank 6 of 10
Conductor: Page Rank 6 of 10

These three companies all have the same page rank on Google, so what separates them are the services they provide. Let’s compare.

SEO Moz may be one of the more popular SEO websites, and most visitors may recognize the little robot that is on web ads. There are simple tabs on the website for customers to research what services are offered by SEO Moz along with the pricing.

There is a free 30-day trial for those who want to try it out first, and then it will be $99 per month after that. What’s included in each package—Pro, Pro Plus and Pro Elite—all have a certain number of campaigns, keywords tracked, pages crawled, pro Q&A, social and branded PDF reports that will be checked depending on the package that is chosen.

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Raven also has an easy-to-use website with great illustrations and a tab for each of their services offered: SEO Tools, Social Media Tools and Advertising Tools. For the first set of tools there is an offered research tool and tracker, streamlined spreadsheets and control over which users are in the loop. The second offers real-time data, insight with trends and reports and control by keeping track of the accounts. The final tool offers confidence with Google AdWords and Analytics, further simplicity to combine ads and finally accessibility for the whole team.

Pricing is also the same with a 30-day trial with two options after that. First choice is Pro for $99 per month that offers unlimited social media accounts tracking, 20 social monitor searches, 1,000 keyword ranking and 50,000 managed links. The higher plan is $249 a month that offers the same benefits just with higher numbers.

Conductor offers a lot more information, a lot more figures and reports with plenty of testimonials and links to current customers. They offer Searchlight, a program designed by Conductor for better views; Universal Search which follows ranking, assets and other studies; Google Analytics; and International SEO for companies that are looking to go global.

The only issue with Conductor is that there are no pricing options for companies to look at. Even after information is sent in for a file, it simply reiterates what was already seen on the website still without prices.

These three companies all have great options and benefits for businesses, but you should choose the company based on what you need for your company. SEO companies can help you get started, off the ground or sustain your business online. Whichever company you choose, choose wisely and do complete research to ensure the company will have your interests in mind.

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