Top 7 ways to get one way Backlinks for new blogger

If you are newbie you may think that you will make a blog and then you will start earning from it easily. But that’s not true. For that you need good page rank from Google and good amount of visitors for your blog. At first you have to make your blog popular to both visitors and Google eyes. Google measures any sites popularity on the basis of its Backlinks. The more your site got Backlinks, the more popular your site is. And Google update their page rank on Backlinks. So to get page rank your site must have quality Backlink. But google don’t give the same value on all the Backlinks. Google loves one way Backlinks very much. link-building-tipsGoogle thinks one way Backlinks is natural. So you can see how important one way Backlinks is to get a better page rank!! But after making a blog most of the people find it hard how they can get Backlinks. They don’t have good idea too. So they become crazy to get Backlinks and try to get it illegal way (they even don’t know that that’s illegal). Google may ban your site anytime if you go against them. So to help newbie blogger I will discuss top 5 ways to get Backlinks in legal way. Let’s see how.


If you are a blogger, then your main product is your content. You have already heard that content is king. Yes that’s true if your content is quality content. Always try to write as many killer articles as you can which people will find really informative and interesting. If people like your post, they will surely link your post and share that with their friends in social networks and social bookmarking sites. Many blogger think quantity is better then quality. But it’s really not true. People normally don’t like to read new blog they think they can’t write quality post. So prove them false and always try to write quality post to attract visitor to link with your post.

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Writing Articles

If you are a blogger then you already know how to write article which will be like by people. Then write some quality article mind it quality article and then submit those in article directories like ezinearticles. Article directory allows writers to put their link in author bio section. Many blogger don’t care too much while writing article to article directories as they do for their own blog. Never be like that always mind it that google loves those articles which people like too. Your article quality will reflect your blog quality. If people find your article very interesting and helpful, they will think you blog is very interesting and helpful too. Then they will visit your blog and become your loyal reader. So think to write quality article to submit in article directory.

Blog Commenting

To be a quality blogger, you need to read lots of blog often. So always leave comments on other blog which you enjoyed most. Commenting on other blog is a great way to make other people know about your blog. If you just create a blog and wait to see visitor will come you are doing wrong. Commenting on other popular blog especially dofollow really help to get Backlinks and targeted traffic too. Never be spam always try to be interesting and informative while commenting. But always mind to comment on those blog which is related to your niche. There are many popular blog which use top commentator, commentluv and keywordluv. Comments on those blog and try to always list your name in top commentator. And in keywordluv blog we can use your keyword as anchor text too. So that’s a great way to get Backlinks and visitor as well

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Blog Directory Submissions

Have you ever heard about directory submission? Hope you have. Yes, directory submission is a great way to Backlinks. There are lots of web directories out there to submit your blog. So submit your blog in related directory. That’s will not give you link juice also give you some quality traffic to your blog. As a new blogger you may submit your blog free directories even though there are paid directories out there too.

Forum Posting

If you are a blogger, you surely like you help people who want to know about your niche. So you may participate in forums. Forum normally a site where people help each other according to their skill. Almost every forum allows user to put their link as signature. And that’s why every time you post in forum you get a Backlink to your site. There are lots of forum out there but always try to join in high page rank forum and of course related to your site niche. But don’t just join in many forums and stay silent. Try to be active and really help people. I know it’s not possible to be active in so many forums. So my suggestion is join at least in 4 or 5 forums and be active on that.

Guest Blogging

Guest posting is another way to get one way Backlinks. You may write guest post on another popular blog to get link. That’s why I am writing this post on this blog. In author bio section your link will be placed. Most of the newbie blogger think that popular blogger doesn’t accept newbie blogger to write quest post. But it’s not true. Blogger doesn’t care your blog too much. They care your article. So if you post high quality post, blogger will surely accept that.

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You may be newbie in blogging but you may not be newbie in html, css, xml etc. So if you have got knowledge on those. Make some goods blog temple included you link in footer and allow visitors to download free. Then will use those temple your will get Backlinks.

I think all of the techniques will help you to get some quality Backlinks to your site totally free. If you follow those ways I am sure your link popularity will be increased.