Uncover Powerful Backlinks By Using Advanced Google Search Techniques

It goes without saying that building solid backlinks from outside websites is a vital aspect of improving your rankings in the major search engines, especially with Google. Some might even go so far as to say that backlinks are the most important part. In order to take advantage of the many available backlinking opportunities on the Internet, you have to first find them. I am going to spend some time going over a few specific advanced techniques to start building up your link profile.


One important point to keep in mind whenever you are thinking about obtaining new backlinks is relevance. You should always seek out links from other websites that fall within your niche, because these links are going to be considered more relevant and therefore more favorable in Google’ s eyes. In addition, Google places higher value on links from government (.gov) and education (.edu) websites.

Search Operators

I am going to share with you how to find these valuable links by utilizing “operators” when using Google. Operators or “search modifiers” essentially modify a search so that you can find targeted web pages. This technique will save you valuable time, and enable you to pinpoint those .gov and .edu links within your specific niche.

There are quite literally too many operators to list in this post (do a quick search for “Google search operators” to find an exhaustive list), but I do want to discuss the most important ones for the purposes of finding quality backlinks. One example of a simple operator is the plus sign (+). If you are searching for electronic keyboards, then you could type in “electronic keyboards + blog” or “+ forum.” These search queries will return all sites with either forums or blogs that are related to that keyword.

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Find .gov and .edu Websites

Even a simple operator such as the plus symbol will return relevant results. However, if you include a few more operators you can also find educational and government sites.

Simply use the operator “inurl” to narrow down your searches: “electronic keyboards + inurl:.edu + blog” will help you find educational blogs with that keyword. You can replace “.edu” with “.gov” or “blog” with “forum” as well. Give it a whirl and see the kind of results you find.

Dofollow Links Only

Another important aspect of backlinks is that they are do follow. Therefore, including “dofollow” into your operator string will help find websites that hopefully allow for do follow links. I say hopefully because typing in the operator: “electronic keyboards + inurl:.edu + blog + dofollow” does not guarantee the links are dofollow. The words “do follow” may simply be written somewhere on the page. However, you will likely find government or educational websites that are niche specific, with some offering do follow links.

If you are searching for blogs to leave comments on, be sure and include “+ ‘post comments’” as part of your operator or even “- ‘comments closed’” to try and avoid posts where you cannot leave a comment.

I hope some of these examples of advanced Google search techniques will help you find lots of quality backlinks. You might be surprised how many websites exist in your niche, and also how many of them you can leave links on.

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