Why Doesn’t Facebook Have A ‘Dislike’ Button?

To like or not to like? That is the question

The world famous ‘Like’ button on Facebook which seems very primitive from the first sight has acknowledged quite a great importance among the Facebook users recently. For some people the quantity of ‘Likes’ is a proof of having nice photos, interesting videos or wonderful statuses. If you look at this phenomenon from the psychological point of view you can certainly regard it a complex of underestimation which they try to overcome in that way.


However, Facebook administration is not so naive and benevolent to create the ‘Like’ button just for the sake of the complicated people. One of its main goals is to gain exposure and large audition for the businesses being advertised in its frames. Evident examples of the businesses are the fan pages of the popular people: singers, writers, fashion houses which try to display their products etc. In addition, there are a number of companies which offer to pay for Facebook fans and likes… Besides, the great companies which have official pages on Facebook frequently announce ‘Get the greatest deal of likes’ competitions due to which they expand the boundaries of the information of the company.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook uses the same ‘Like’ button in the section of comments. As you know comments are purely means of sharing ideas, discussions and actually a source of fun and pleasure in the Facebook territory. Hence the wittier your comments are the greater the number of your ‘Likes’ will be.

Why doesn’t a Facebook dislike button exist?

It is undeniable that very often you face up a great deal of junk comments, photos and videos you may dislike. But as you know Facebook does not provide ‘Dislike’ button, although many attempts were made to create it with the help of different browsers. Fortunately these attempts were proved to be fake and non official and as a result were blocked by the administration.

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Some years ago when I was a beginner in the large Facebook family, I myself could not understand the reason of the absence of the desirable button. But when I did some research about the Facebook strategy the motivation became quite comprehensible.

It is not a secret that people are not always inclined to share favorable comments or statuses on their pages. And of course the controversial ideas cause certain misunderstanding among the users rather often.

Year by year Facebook gets higher ratings in the global market and the negative reactions towards it grow correspondingly. Now I want to ask a question to you a dear reader of mine! Can you imagine the number of Facebook wars that may result from the stupid ‘Dislike’ button? Can you imagine what the haters of the website will do?

Thus, let’s hope that M. Zuckerberg, the sovereign of the Facebook Empire, will feel pity for us and will save our souls from the cruel and mischievous wars that may proceed from ‘Dislike’ button.