Why Tagging and Hyperlinks in Websites Important

Typed hyperlinks enable the web sites to link to the other websites. Therefore, if there are websites that carry information which is related to the other websites, they are linked. However, the link does not reveal the reason why the websites are linked. Tagging is one of the most micro formats that are used in the content that is generated by the humans. When a tag blog post is introduced, they are tracked by various other blog posts. For instance, Flicker  – A Yahoo Company was tracked by 20 million blog posts; however, today there are a lot of entries that are tagged. Tag names are used in components of URLs for the purpose of supplementary indexing. This enables the user to cite also to create tag vocabulary. This makes the blog posts very much easy for people searching as well as to correlate with the results. In the social networking websites, there are blog rolls that exist which can be read and presented in a list. Moreover, profile information, as well as the relationship of the social network e.g. FOAF and XHTML Friends Network are relevant.


The vocabulary that got chosen was on the basis of the study that was common with regards to relationships that were indicated by the bloggers on their web logs. Although the process may seem as ad hoc, there are transformations that may occur with regard to the encoding of metadata into XHTML. However, at the time when XML was new, CSS was also limited and this resulted in Browser Wars. In its place, Web of HTML gave way to Web of XML, and this is where the publisher used their own tags. During this time, there were also many other browsers that were being used and after 2005, there were many XML+XSL browsers that were full featured and were used by people on their desktops. Since Java was not used by many people, XML was also not used by many people and therefore; it got considered as a niche, on the server. Meanwhile, HTML grew and it became an XML application, and offered a lot of information to the architects that were required by them.

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There were new tags that were set mainly because of the strength of XML; however, it also had some weaknesses that were with regards to the problem that occurred because of Babel. This was because HTML class names were encouraged. Moreover, there is no such degree of freedom in XHTML, and this is because it can have multiple classes where XML is limited with regards to the tag names that are single. Micro formats appeal to authority, and this is done because of the standards that exist. Moreover, there are also some common practices that are adopted and they are codified. Therefore, instead of creating a specification that is new, it is better to use the names, objects as well as the properties rather than opting for the new ones. The reason why it is complex is because innovation is perceived as difficult not just for understanding but for us too.

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