Why you need an account on Twitter

Twitter had become one of the most important social media tools , so that means there are some really interesting reasons to be present on twitter with your website.Some of the most important reasons are :


You can make new connections

Using Twitter, you can get connected with many people around the world,people that working on the same niche as yours.Twitter is a powerful tool that can help you get connected with a big variety of people without using E-mail or any other complicated ways.The big advantage is that you can keep that connection a long period of time …

You can get quick support

Using Twitter you can develop a “Customer Support” service for your customers , a service that can also provide a “FAQ’s” service for your customers.This can be a service that will make the difference between you and your competitors on the same niche, this can be the way you can do the diference.

You can get traffic to your site

After getting a big number of followers on Twitter,  when you are posting a link , those will click it very fast. This way you can get some traffic on your website , but remember that not traffic is the king.

You can expand your knowledge

Twitter had brought a big variety of people in a single place.On Twitter are disscused many ides from different people, reading those disscusions you can learn something new and you can get inspired to post some interesting articles that will attract the attention.

Keep up to date

A lot of breaking news and new technology updates are often found on Twitter before the rest of the world knows what is going on.Using Twitter you can read the hot news in your niche or you can find out what is happening around the world..