Blogs Can Bring Cash To Your Wallet

Blogs can earn money. As a freelance writer, you are probably used to getting paid by the word and that blogging seems like giving those words away. The money from blogging is not earned by the word, it’s earned through advertising, recommendation of products, guest posting, ebooks, and other strategies. In other words, blogs earn money indirectly rather than directly.

Darren at has made hundreds of thousands of dollars blogging from the comfort of his own home. He makes his money mostly through the use of advertising networks such as Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon.


Crystal over at How I Make Money Blogging usually brings home at least $15,000 a month through her blogging efforts. Instead of using other company’s advertising networks, she has created her own. She makes her living by being the liaison between bloggers and advertisers, taking a tiny bit of the fee that the advertisers pay.

Bob at Christian PF makes money blogging through using ad impressions and the tried and true advertising networks. He is in the personal finance arena of blogging, and is doing quite well for himself there.

These three people demonstrate the tip of the iceberg for how blogs can earn money. The key to making money blogging is to stay consistent and have dynamite content. While you might have an excellent archive, you need to have a reason for people to come back to the site and see the advertisers, ebooks, and other digital delights.  For example, there are plenty of blogs out there that are blowing up, and making money, from the 1940 census data that was released; follow a trend like that to financial freedom.

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Here are just a few ways that your blogs can earn money:

Advertising networks
Advertising networks like Adsense, Chitika, and ContextWeb pay users for clicks or impressions from your site. This is one of the most passive forms of income, as people click on the ads and gain great information from them 24/7. The only thing that you need to do is get them there with your blog posts.

Guest Posting
Companies are constantly looking for new blogs where they can advertise the site and get close to the readers. There are some companies which will pay you to post their article on your site. You don’t have to do any more work other than cue the post up and send the advertiser a link.

Affiliate Sales
Advertising affiliate products on your site places great products in the hands of great people. Affiliate products are products which you sell, written by other people, on which you get a commission. They are like advertising networks, except the products are generally more purposed toward your site.

While many bloggers do not post the amount of money that they are making from their advertising efforts, rest assured that blogs can earn money. These bloggers do not get paid by the word, but they do get paid. Take the first steps, get a blog today and watch the potential to earn thousands of dollars a month materialize right before your eyes while the other people who cannot simply find the patience or energy are left behind wondering why opportunities for blogging has passed them by yet again.

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  1. Thanks for those encouraging examples of how you can make money blogging.

    You make an interesting comparison between being paid as a freelance writer and as a blogger. Perhaps the former is easier than the hard work needed for a successful blog, but you are limited by the number of words you can produce each day.


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