3 Skill Sets Relevant to SEO

If you’re new to Internet marketing, there are a few skills you may already have or are planning to acquire that can help you on your way. You don’t have to be a whiz kid over at Evisiblity with MIT credentials in order to successfully comprehend search engine optimization. Your online business aspirations, no matter how small, will no doubt depend on your understanding of good SEO strategy. Although a highly developed science, SEO is not a concept outside the understanding of the entrepreneurial everyman, especially if you’ve already acquired a few solid skills through further education. Certain fields that may lend themselves to SEO knowledge include:

SEO Skill Sets


Records and paperwork breakdown and reconstruction is a paramount practice for a paralegal. Having a degree and/or experience in the paralegal profession acquaints you with the ability to convert language into data and vice versa. Legalese is a multifaceted system that borders on being its own language, and if you can avoid the pitfalls of semantic error in the justice system, there’s no way you can’t grasp the importance of the right words in finding your business.

Medical Billing Education

A degree in medical coding may already be an accomplishment of yours. The relevant SEO skill learned through this degree is that of taking a doctor’s written diagnosis and converting that language into the code that in turn allows for the rapid deployment of medical treatment via computer instructions. If you know how to code written medical diagnoses, you essentially understand the conversion of a word to a click in search engine optimization. “Inflammation” and “swelling” are so similar it seems irrelevant to distinguish them from each other, but tell that to a doctor or a patient. Equally so, semantics in SEO are as specific.

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English Language Skills

SEO is essentially an understanding of what words people use to search for what things on the Internet. Anybody with a BA in English is instantly ready to comprehend SEO. While it takes further research to truly understand the dynamic of an internet search as opposed to knowing what makes good sentence structure, having a command on language is a required first step. If your education was focused on the written word, or even if you’re just confident in your English ability, SEO will be no sweat.

Thinking about SEO in simplified terms isn’t hard. It just takes the time to associate the skill with other talents you’ve picked up over the years. Once SEO makes sense to you, the rest of internet marketing will follow suit. The science of searching is simply common sense.

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