What is Blogging? What Are The Different Types of Blogs?

One of the questions commonly asked in the internet fraternity and among the internet users is what a Blog is? Although the question seems odd enough for those who are already blogging or for those who have deep knowledge of Internet you can get the answer of this question by a small google. You can try Wikipedia, or other blogs that can direct you to proper answer of this question.

Rather than pulling your nerves, it is better to understand with a simple example. Suppose you are interested to write your diary on daily basis or you have some views on a current issue or on the subject of discussion. Whatever you discuss, express in a debate and whatever you write down in a diary is a form of blogging just you have to express it in words and publish it on Internet. The word Blog originally comes from Weblog, which is shortened in late 1990

Different Types Of Blogs

Personal Blogs: This is a most common type of blogs and like sharing thoughts or ideas on a specific niche. These are just expressions or reactions of the blogger towards the topic on which he is blogging.

Corporate and Organizational Blogs: Sometimes blogs are also used as an internal means of communication where in it is specific to the members of the company or an organization. In other instances, blog used effectively for improving brand value or market share of a product then, these blogs can also be considered under this category.

Blogs by Genre: When blogging is done by, considering a specific industry or a Genre then these blogs comes under this category. All the travel related blogs, education related blogs, politics related blogs, music, art, quizzing and law related blogs are also called as blogs by Genre.

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Blogs by Media types: When blogs are posted which comprises of different media types like, Videos, Photos, Links, Sketches etc. then they are media specific blogs and have separate names for them like for photos, photoblog, for video vblog, for sketches sketchblog etc.

Blogs by devise: Sometimes blogs, published on Internet by using different devices are called as device specific blogs. Suppose for a blog, Mobile or PDS is used then they are called as moblog and comes under this category.

Although blogging does not need formal education, you ought to have optimum knowledge of Internet and sources where you can publish these blogs.