6 Basic Tips To Rank Higher Through SEO Tools and Techniques

SEO is here to stay for long. With tough competition over the internet, it is becoming more vital than ever for each operational success. Which methodologies are suggested to be right and which one considered as wrong? Through the given points, we’ll try to shed lights on some basic principles that are imperative and must be looked into with clear thought to do right optimization for your website:


1.       Content Creation: The content needs to be original, unique and fresh. Keep updating that frequently which is central for increasing traffic. Stick to your niche. Refraining from that is a completely no. The sites that often are updated with rich and informative content, are the ones considered best suited for users as well as search engines. Integrating a blog in your site is one such good method of keeping and updating regular contents about your site’s niche.
2.       Choice of Keywords:  Putting absurd and more than useful links on your site will make you a spammer and lead to devaluation of your site. Being strategic is the key here. Research and research a lot about the right keywords for your site’s content in relation to the user habits. Be mindful of using fitting keywords through every content and text of your site being it the titles, images text, URLs or body context.
3.       Links: This is the most widely used and oldest form of creating a brand and expanding it to reach to larger base of audience. It gets repute in the face of search engines to index better. Links refer directly to PageRank (commonly termed as PR). PR is the link analysis algorithm used to index a website’s popularity by Google. This algorithm works by taking good measures of links into interpretation. The links to your website are perceived as a vote for your site. The higher good link you get (especially from Authoritative sites), your rank will be higher. (Also See : – Link Building Tips)

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SEO Tips by Matts Cutts

Having a good link building strategy is necessary. Do try to submit your site on a number of directories, which will give some great links like Yahoo and Dmoz.org. However, be patient enough as link building always takes time. Having an e-mail marketing strategy is a good option. Mail those online ventures with similar niche as yours to create back-linking partnership. Become a guest blogger and write frequently on top rated blogs within your niche.
4.       Sitemap: Add a site map at the bottom. Site map is a site tool that lists about the contents of your page and links to every web page on your site. This method enables the search engine crawlers to search for your site well.
5.       Do not use Flash: Ok. We know that everybody loves flash products and having Flash created objects looks very nice on your site. Even having a site made fully in Flash was a rage couple of years back. However, the fact is, it does not help even a bit in your site’s optimization. There is a basic problem in Flash, along with Frames and AJAX- they does not let you link to a single page. If it is compulsory to have Flash on home page of your site, then try to add a text content below that which will enable you some internal linking. Alternatively, there is HTML5 that is a great substitute for Flash, and you can do all that you loved to do with Flash.

Social media marketing strategy: Create social media accounts on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Stumblupon etc.  Create contents on that profiles explaining about your niche and business. Regularly update those pages with new contents distributing links to all the new content across these social media platforms. It is an important SEO strategy according to SEO and Internet Marketing experts. Do try to engage with fellow readers on a regular basis and answer to every question. You will be surprised how exponentially your content and links can be scattered across different internet channels.

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