Eight Tips To Increase Your Email CTR

Looking to launch an email marketing campaign that will have higher open and response rates (email CTR)? Here’s the information you could use.

New horizons

According to a recent study by digital advertising company Media Mind, the click-through rate for an online video is 27.4 times as effective as the CTR for a standard banner ad. Furthermore, surfers are 10% more likely to watch an interactive video ad featuring a survey or a game.

With more and more companies adapting the Video Ad Serving Template, or simply VAST, to boost their online success, it’s time to rethink your tactics to increase your CTR.

Email Marketing Tips

1. Send click-worthy messages

About 60% of email receivers read just the headline to make up their mind whether to click or not to click. Make sure that the subject line of your email and the headline of your ad include the key message you want to spread. Opt for personalisation, clarity, consistency and brevity next time you work on a new email campaign.

2. Include less copy

Shorter emails are more likely to be read till the end before the receiver gets bored and deletes the email. The “quality over quantity” rule definitely works in email marketing. Provide engaging information that can be used immediately such as a video, link or helpful tips.

3. Provide social sharing options

Figures show that social sharing options increase click-through rates by 30%. Including three or more sharing options is estimated to boost CTR by 55%.

4. Introduce yourself

Personalising who the email is from helps establish a relationship with the potential customer. An email from a “John_1980@gmail.com” may be marked as spam, while seeing “John.Campbell@companyname.co.uk” is likely to encourage the receiver to click open. Remember to include a signature with contact information at the end of the message.

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5. Know your audience

Segment your email list instead of annoying potential customers with irrelevant information and offers. A targeted offer is much more likely to encourage the reader to click through. Studies show that companies launching targeted campaigns receive 18% more transactions and 24% more revenue.

6. Edit content

Resist the temptation to include multiple offers and too much information. What’s your goal and who is your targeted audience? Want your content to get shared? Write high quality copy while leaving product pages for the next campaign.

7. Highlight your call-to-action

Include an impossible-to-miss call-to-action. Don’t make the reader confused with an offer that’s hard to find in your email. Remember that the reader probably receives dozens of emails every day and has little time to read all of them.

8. Go mobile

And last but not least, remember to make your emails mobile optimised as click-through rates in the mobile space have proven to be quite good, eMarketer reports.

These are the tried and true ways to improve your online presence in general and boost email click-through rates in particular.


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