Getting Ready to Blog: Four Pre-Writing Ideas

After reading this post “Getting Ready to Blog: Staying in Focus,” I thought it would be nice to add a few more tips to ways to get ready to blog. If you follow Warner’s advice, then you’ve prepared your workspace and your attitude to blog; now, you need to do some preparation in your own writing that will help those posts come easier to you, especially if you’re someone who is susceptible to writer’s block.

So how can you prepare your own writing? Well, you can use various writing exercises and pre-writing strategies to get into the blogging state of mind. Here are a few that I’ve always found to be helpful to my blogging. Please add your own in the comment section!

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Bookmark Inspirational Posts

When you’re browsing the internet, and especially other sites in your blogging community, you should always be ready to bookmark something that strikes you as inspirational or controversial; that way, when it’s time for you to do your own writing, you can revisit you list of bookmarked web pages and directly respond to the content produced by another blogger or writer. You can use your blog article as a way to respond to an argument, thus creating an interesting discussion for your readers to engage in.

Keep a Research File

In addition to bookmarking inspirational posts, you should also keep a research file going on your computer in which you can save odd videos, pictures, images, lists of data, quotes by famous people, or anything else that is unique and worth your time. When you’re trying to write a post, all you have to do is pull out one of these files and use it as a writing prompt.

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Do a Timed-Write

Another exercise you can do is a timed-write, which is basically a non-stop writing session that you do each day for a certain amount of time. You have no guidelines; you have no limitations. In fact, all you have to do is keep your fingers moving. You don’t have to worry about grammar or sentence coherence or anything like that. The idea here is to simply get out everything in your head; once you do that, you can pick through the crazy writing you’ve done to see if you find something that could serve as the topic of a post.

Draw an Idea Map

If you’re more of a visual person, then you can consider sketching out your post by drawing an idea map. An idea map is basically a scribbled set of words and phrases that all relate through lines and other marks to a central idea. Usually you see idea maps that start with the main concept or idea in a circle in the middle of the paper, and subtopics then branch out from that main idea. Beneath these subtopics you could write a phrase or two to help you figure out what exactly you want to say in the post, but the real key is to try to visualize how your post will look once you’re finished.

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