Top Posts to Find Quality Blogs that Allow Guest Posting

One of the best ways to gain back links and gain attention for your personal brand or blog is through the user of guest blogging. It seems like such a simple concept, but if you don’t follow the rules of guest blogging you could easily make yourself look like a fool and potentially ruin your reputation. The truth is guest blogging can be hard, but if you know how to pool your content together and create author accounts on the right sites, the process can actually be painless.


Besides the actual writing that you need to do for guest blogging, the other most time consuming task is actually finding blogs that allow guest blog posts. It’s easy to find blogs that allow guest posts in the “blogging” and “make money online” niche, but what about all the other blogs and niches out there?

To make it easier on you I wanted to provide you with a few posts that actually have growing lists of the top blogs out there that you can start guest blogging on. The benefits to bookmarking and using these posts is that they list the Alexa ranking and Google PageRank of the blogs, along with the pages you need to visit to submit a blog post or contact the site owner.


Once you take a look at the list, make note of the sites within your niche. After you visit each of the sites that you want to start submitting guest posts for, be sure to create a list of sites that will give you WordPress author access, then other sites that request you to submit your posts through their site or require you to send in an email first. Keeping track of your guest blogging sites is one of the biggest factors to making sure all of your content gets posted and which sites make it easier for you to submit content to.

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Lastly you need to focus on your content and the branding that you will receive through your guest blogging. Whenever a blog allows you to have an author account, make sure you take the time to add your gravatar picture and complete your bio area. If you are submitting really great content to these sites, there is a good chance the reader will scroll down to the end of the article and see you author bio and click over to your site.

With Google still putting the smack down on web sites and blogs that are still focusing on unethical link building tactics, guest blogging is the new king of link building and is just going to keep growing with time. View the recommended posts above and get your guest blogging efforts working for you!