Content That Gets Traffic And Shares

So maybe you’re trying to drive some traffic to your website, looking to market your product or service on various blogs, or maybe it is simply your name and respect as a writer that you want to get out there. No matter what the case might be, you know that it is difficult to become recognized on the internet. Millions of piece of content are put up on websites daily, and really, most of them don’t really get read since the subject matter does very little for a wide audience.


When people do read the articles that you have written, they are investing time and are thus interested in what you have to say. As a result, there are more inclined to share your article with others (a pertinent move for juice passing links), as well as visit your associated sites. Here are some tips that you can follow the next time an article opportunity comes about, and you want to really make an impression.

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Controversy is Good 

When you’re on Facebook or Twitter and you start noticing several of your friends sharing the same article, chances are that the article has gone viral all around the internet. If you knew that an article that you wrote was getting shares numbering in the thousands, undoubtedly that would make you blush. Fact is, it happens quite a bit. Seldom does this happen to articles that don’t cause controversy or provoke discussion. Everyone has an opinion, and as a writer, you should be able to put out what you want to say in a (well-written) article.

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News of the Day

Ever notice what happens to Google when a big scandal or story breaks? If you type in a certain company into the search query while that company is involved with a big story, more than likely you’re going to get news articles instead of company websites themselves. Looking for an example? See what happens when you type Direct TV into the query. Everything that happened between them and Viacom will likely be the main focus of the search.

What can you learn from that? Write articles related to news of the day. More people are looking to those articles, and with the relevancy, it well help bring your name up in news sources and others.


Websites like The Oatmeal, The Onion and others are all over people’s social network pages and the rest of the internet. That’s because since we consistently seek entertainment, some of the highest circulated content around is related to media-rich comedic pieces. Look at how popular memes have become in the past year, as well as entertaining infographics. While they may seem as passive, temporarily entertaining piece, they should not be overlooked as a serious tool for gaining traffic.

Traffic on the Site You’re Writing For

While many writers want to get their material on just about any site that they can possibly get on, you have to take into consideration just how effective this is going to be. If you visit a site and you see that the last post was from February of this year, chances are that no one is going to it, and the owner of the site has just moved on to something else and will let that domain expire. This is not an uncommon thing.

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It’s pretty easy to see what sites are getting a lot of views any day of the week. So before you potentially waste your time putting effort into an excellent article, assure yourself that it is actually going to be read in the first place.