Fundamentals of Social Media and SEO for your Business

Let’s admit it, social media is becoming an increasingly powerful communications tool that is shaping the way we live at its own pace. Online networking sites are joined by millions everyday, and it’s becoming quite clear that we’re living in an age where our private lives are being showcased grandly as public as Facebook or Twitter can be. Along with social media, we’ve also seen the increasing competition for the coveted Page of Google’s search engine. SEO is no longer optional. It’s the new battlefield in marketing. It’s also the source of fevered discussions on tips to make it on top, and on how to outsmart – if you could outwit – Google’s constant algorithm updates – about 50 just in the most recent update last May.

More and more businesses are looking online to forge meaningful communications with consumers, and to compete for the rankings. Social media and SEO are integral to any online campaign, or desire to create markets through this unique and ever-changing platform. With search engines constantly updating how they index millions of web pages, some basics still remain in “keeping up with the engines”. Here are some fundamental, and common-sensical, social media and SEO tips to remember.


1. Be Personal In Your Social Media Accounts

As great as it is to rely on Tumblr or Wordpres or even Twitter feeds to fill your Facebook business pages, nothing beats being personal too. Online consumers are more likely to stay on your Facebook page if they see it has a personal touch. Post relevant quotes, the occasional news articles, and even behind-the-scene photos of your business. On Twitter, try to answer queries from other users. Communication is a two-way process. If you deliver your end of the bargain, most likely it will be reciprocated. Maintaining active social media accounts is crucial.

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2. Be Consistent In Your Updates

Every day, the search engine spiders are visiting websites to check out the latest updates. By adding content on a regular basis, you’re telling these online robots there is something new and interesting in your page. If you have a blog, do your best to update it everyday. Leaving websites stagnant for months will not be any help to your SEO cause.

3. Check out Google Plus

You want to be on top in Google’s search engine? Then use Google’s social network. It may not be as massive as Facebook, but the social networking site offers a lot of opportunities for you to get to Page 1. Experts say that Google Plus is a comprehensive platform that can send out quality SEO signals when used properly. Create a page where you can share your recent updates. The Google + widget is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and perhaps soon, even more so than the Facebook Like. Plus, those +1’s are more likely to send quality signals to the search engine spiders.

4. Quality Content Using The Right Keywords

Instead of coming up with as many backlinks for your posts, businesses hoping to utilize SEO techniques should look more into quality content. Backlinks are losing their steam with the recent algorithm updates from Google, and original, high-quality content shared in social media sites are gaining more weight. Focus on specific keywords which are actually relevant to your business and to your customers’ wants. This means understanding your target market, and focusing efforts in creating content that appeal to them, using keywords which actually refer to your business offers. Well-research keywords which are neither too niche nor too general will reward your SEO efforts better.

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Don’t expect overnight results though. With SEO, patience is the key. Along with patience, should be the desire to make use of social media and SEO techniques which communicate meaningful business messages to their target consumers. Focusing on a streamlined, achievable strategy online can be quite challenging with the proliferation of so many websites and media channels, but the key to succeeding is always to focus on the quality of your efforts. Quality, as always, comes only if you have researched extensively on any social media and SEO endeavor, complement it with the proper follow-through, and remain open to the latest updates and emerging trends.

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