7 Unconventional Ways to Build Backlinks

Typical link building strategies focus on article marketing, link exchanges, and guest blog posts. These are still effective, but also very limiting. If you are only focusing on the age old link building tactics, then you are missing many other opportunities that could prove much more valuable to your website. Here are some unconventional ways to build backlinks.


Go Local

If you have a local business, then you want to capitalize on local traffic and backlinks. Contact other local businesses and ask if they would put a link on their website to yours. You can also check with local libraries, the chamber of commerce, and community websites for local link building opportunities.

Compete with Your Competitors

Is there a website ranking higher than yours? Check their backlinks and work to get backlinks at the same websites. If it’s working for them, it should work for your site as well. OpenSiteExplorer.org offers free backlink checks or you can use the backlink checker your keyword service uses.

Target Social Links

Many sites are moving away from their dependence on search engine traffic and with good reason. A significant percentage of internet visitors now use social links to find websites of interest. Write a lot of content that is interesting and beneficial to people and they will naturally click your social link buttons. Use high quality and interesting pictures as these tend to attract Pinterest traffic. Also, experiment with the placement of social media buttons on your website. Bring the most used ones, usually Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Twitter up to the top so visitors can find them easily.

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Interview People

Find influential people within your niche to interview. Not only will this create interesting content that your visitors are likely to share, it will be shared by the interviewee. Send a link to the interviewee as soon as it’s on your website and the interviewee is likely to share it amongst his or her social network as well.

Review Products

Find websites that sell products related to your website and review them. Many of these sites let you add a link as a reference which you can use to link to your website.

Write Long Lists

It’s true that most internet readers do not read large chunks of information online. That’s why many posts are only 400 to 500 words. That’s about the attention span of an internet reader. However, creating a long list of resources, or best of list, with dozens of items will interest people. If they find it invaluable, they will even bookmark it, return to reread it, and share it with others.

Go Viral

Having a webpage go viral may seem just like good luck for the website owner. However you can create content with the goal of having it go viral by studying viral content you see on your Facebook page. Viral content is usually shocking, outrageous, controversial, or hilarious and it comes with a photo that catches attention.  The titles are not full of keywords for Google’s attention, but rather written to grab the reader’s attention.

As with any link building, you do want to make sure the backlinks you create are relevant to your website. If you have a beauty related website, then asking a local restaurant business to link back isn’t productive. These unconventional strategies require that you narrow your backlinks to websites and content that are complementary to your own.

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